Predator 2 Full Movie

Predator 2

Original Name: Predator 2

Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Language: English

IMDB Rating: Bulunamadi


Release Date: 6.2


Download Predator 2 Full Movie and it is a Hollywood Action and Sci-Fi film of 1990. These special effects-laden science fiction sequel moves the action of the Amazon rainforest in the first film in the urban jungle of LA Danny Glover stars as Lieutenant Mike Harrigan, a police detective in Los Angeles puzzled his last case, the ritual slaughter of several drug traffickers, a devastating killer leaving no trace. As Harrigan and try warn the team away from investigating further. When two of his team were killed in a particularly horrible, Harrigan discovers the truth – her mother is an alien to human hunting for sport creature.

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Attracted by violence, his final choice of prey shooter Jamaican drug dealer. Keyes and his team know all about bad alien and his bloody pastime, because they have studied for ten years and have come up with a possible mode of transmission of the beast. When this plan failed, but it’s Harrigan and an enemy to another world very annoyed slugging it in a showdown on the roof. Foreigners are like dreams. We hurts when we are in trouble. The creature who visit Earth in “Predator 2” is a wild hunter who can become invisible. Lurking from above and courage to his human victims with skill wild. Is not related to the peaceful creatures who came to visit us in “Close Encounters of the Third Kind.” Sometimes it seems that we welcome visitors from space; sometimes afraid of them.

A world of “Predator 2” is a scary world, one in Los Angeles in 1997, when the shoots control the streets and the police shooting of a drug dealer. Occurs during a fight, a strange event. Five heavily armed and Barrikade in a building drug traffickers killed by a kind of visitor who is unarmed, you can throw a man of 160 pounds 20 feet in the air, leaving no trace. What is happening here? That’s what Danny Glover would like to know. Sounds Harrigan, police harder on the streets, and every time you have a good lead in the case, the road is warned by a federal agent derisively (Gary Busey), who seems to have prior knowledge. In the classic tradition of all films by the police, Glover goes out alone, a loner on the way to a final showdown with predators.

We have seen this creature before, when he made his entrance in the original “Predator” (1987). Film with Arnold Schwarzenegger as a mission in the jungle, which is one of the first to find predators after reaching the earth. Why was he here? To stem the planet and killing trophy. He was a hunter of stars, and we were on the season. The first film was leavened with humor (jokes Arnold) and the possibility that the stranger would challenge our imagination in any way and just be a monster of special effects. The predator actually had some fearsome beauty in the previous film. No luck this time. The film blowing your only chance to be creative with foreign culture in a scene where Glover is a kind of trophy from space.

What kind of creatures built this place, and what kind of civilization is not? Who knows? Who cares? It is not practical to predators can speak English, so the first word in the mouth of the creature’s disdain 12 letters expressed street. Because predators are imaginary, but the people who made this film is not “Predator 2”, unfortunately talking about his lack of curiosity and imagination. Anything that can give us in the form of a foreigner is a robber road in the intestines of a face, curling around the mouth, and a style afro hairstyle braided. (Being in this film is a work of subtle racism. Traces of subliminal advance encourages us to connect unknowingly threatens male black.

A scene not so subtle are predators that threaten a type Bernhard Goetz in the subway. This time, the kind of Goetz meets his match.) The acting in the film comes hysteria. Glover, so that participation as a different kind of cop in the movie “Lethal Weapon” screaming and sweating, cursing and climb tall buildings. He is assisted by a Latina woman, played by the lovely Maria Conchita Alonso, whose idea of creating an identity for herself on the chair to take a new man in her horse until he begs for mercy. The dialogue is lacking and the clinic, and although expensive, the special effects are not interesting. So Download Predator 2 Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.