Pork Pie Full Movie

Pork Pie

Original Name: Pork Pie

Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 8.3


Release Date: 2 February 2017


Download Pork Pie full movie and it is 2017 Hollywood Action film directed by Matt Murphy. A long time ago, I found a copy of Geoff Murphy’s 1981 film Goodbye Pork Pie in a video shop in Denmark. I showed it to my flatmates that night. They liked the film a lot, made the usual comments about how beautiful New Zealand looked, and then asked “are New Zealanders really like that?”

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I thought for a moment and then said “yep, we pretty much are”. Goodbye Pork Pie was shot in 1979, but not finished for release until 1981. I guess New Zealand at the time was a country much in need of a few masculine myths that involved something other than sheep and rugby. Murphy and the crew including son Matt, who has directed this “re-imagining” came along at exactly the right time with a robust, funny, deceptively thoughtful and tough little film that gave New Zealanders permission to have an overdue laugh at ourselves and ponder our own emotional constipation.

Even seen from three decades distance, the film is exactly the local classic it was hailed at the time. Some of the sexual politics run the gamut from quaint to queasy when viewed through a 21st Century lens, but overall, Goodbye Pork Pie holds up very well. It is a tight, busy, relentlessly inventive and truly big-hearted film. It descends smoothly from madcap farce, through dark comedy to end on a couple of scenes that deserve to be mentioned alongside any of the classic, near-nihilist American road movies that inspired it. In its very best moments, Goodbye Pork Pie is an existential epic-in-miniature that we only underestimate because we’re New Zealanders, so praise and long words make us uncomfortable. Along with Sleeping Dogs, Smash Palace, Utu and a handful of others, Goodbye Pork Pie is one of the founding documents of the modern New Zealand film industry.