Poltergeist Full Movie


Original Name: Poltergeist

Genre: Horror

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 7.4


Release Date: 4 June 1982


Download Poltergeist Full Movie and it is a Hollywood Horror film of 1982 which is directed by Tobe Hooper. Parts of the house. Canary animals storms mysterious die, and summoned Carol Ann television, where the beam of a strange green light the fire and make room for sedition (Ho-E ere’s son! “). If you follow the strange events, have Carroll won numerous times for television where he began to speak “People Television.” Soon Carol Ann sucked into the closet, and the disappearance of the plane of reality. It is not that his daughter, Dr. Steve consultation Leach (Beatrice direct) and paragraph Psychology found in one of the nearby the universities.

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Exit Leach to be very strong paranormal in Long Beach home can handle it, and sends it to the exorcist Tangina clairvoyant and professional (Zelda Rubinstein) in the study of the house, hoping to find Carol Ann Tangina makes an eerie discovery:. Carol Ann live and at home, but it happens in different spectral plane. The special effects in the movie is so good, exciting and scary at times overshadowed human actors. And often more expensive. In the “evil spirit”, for example, is the cast of actors relatively unknown composed, but that’s okay, because the real stars are producer Steven Spielberg (“Raiders of the Lost”) and director Tobe Hooper ships (“Texas Chainsaw Massacre”), and its reputation for special effects, violence and realistic.

Names in this movie horror show that the technique will be free from defects. We were not disappointed. This is the movie “The Amityville Horror” dream. It starts with the same ingredients (happy, living in an American family large, comfortable home.) Offer similar warnings Doomsday (moving objects for the home itself, and time seems to be different at home than anywhere else.) And ends with a similar end of the world ( life full possession of the house and terrorize the family), and even some special effects are very similar, as is the case when the fatty goo begins to seep from the edges of the door frame.

However, the “evil spirit” an effective film, not so much for the special effects, also tried Hooper and Spielberg to see the strange events of the film through the eyes of family members, rather than simply dragging and leave the amazing special effects fusion with the audience. The film is in place Spielberg favorite, (even the local features of “Close Encounters of the Third Kind,” “Jaws” and “ET: The space”) and the American suburb. Haunted House has seven gables, but has a double garage. It is occupied by a very ordinary family (two parents, three children) and the film begins with a small patch “hoping to play the” Star-Spangled Banner “, a television station says goodbye.

Photos opens a little “alarming. They are extremely from the TV screen and full of the usual national closeup image (Iwo Jima, Lincoln Memorial). Why so close? We asked about the move between points on the screen and you see something else. In fact, , the youngest daughter of the family, so, long hair, face angel innocent open and start talking to the screen. Be in touch with “the people Television.” In short, it will disappear from the face of life, and goes to live with people from TV where they are a time. Strange events begin to happen in the house. Old trees behave threatened.

This again shows his sense of humor, who was absent, in particular, for the last time. Here, in a holiday birthday, he gets on a blue bottle of brandy from Mr. Kelly, vintage 2283 m, and each character to comment on how much time has elapsed question. He said while Kirk and Spock shows a copy of ” Tale of Two Cities “”: “I know your love for antiques ” novel and crucial sentimental in the plot, which is a strange mix of passion, mystery, high adventure and comments such as I think I can dust animated particles are trapped in the matrix before ” weight past ” Star Trek ” is funny.

Best of all is Khan himself, explains what kind of bad comics by Ricardo Montalban, who really something to see. His profile is tough, long white hair and necklaces recover from the space age seems Mr. Montalban rock star good oldest in the world, and Indian Prime more than your usual. In any case, it looks good, all very happy as eccentric characters from the first film – although beautiful, bald Persis Khambatta – was bland. You do not need to be followed by Star Trek lore, but understands all too real for some of the important things Khan.

It seems to combine our will. The bad guys are the same people who are the villains in “Jaws,” Spielberg was – real estate development. This time, instead of to encourage people to return to the water, and building a subdivision on the old cemetery head. This is ridiculous, but Huber and Spielberg’re will continue to respect the daily ritual for this family carefully, because the family of strange events seem to really gain some credibility by the congregation. That is, in the first hour of the film.

Since escaped from hell, and the movie begins to work on the same “exotic” level or “States have changed”, and special effects, incredibly, sound and light. It seems that the checkout exists in another dimension. Full compliance with the complex, acute forms of the undead. Search for missing girl is an expert in professional psionic, and dwarf lady who specializes in “pure” haunted houses. No decide if Poltergeist really involved in the affairs of the house, or the devil may be, but if you do not stop the movie called “Poltergeist” I think I can not help but enjoy it. So Download Poltergeist Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.