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Original Name: Outcast

Genre: Action, Movies

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 6.6

Country: , ,

Release Date: 26 September 2014


Download Outcast Full Movie and it is 2014 Hollywood action film directed by Nick Powell. Set in the Middle Ages, power-hungry heir to the throne of evil Xing (played by Andy On) is furious when she learned that the father of his death appointed his brother, aged 14 years, Zhao (Bill Sue Jiahang) to succeed him as king. Fearing that the relentless Xing and revenge will not stop at murder to claim his place in the palace, and the king gives the seal of the Holy Imperial younger Zhao for his son, before sending him away along with her ​​older sister, Jan (Liu Yifei). While on the run, and the duo meets Jacob (Hayden Christensen). Earn reluctant protector, triple also marks the legendary “White Ghost”, allowing them to face the army of ruthless Xing and have a chance for victory.

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Nicolas Cage lovers, prepare to be disappointed badly. While the performance of veteran actor may not be as bad as had been expected – harsh statements have come from all over just based on the trailer – this will not be on the polarization acclaimed acting career in the side. Cage plays Gallain aka White Ghost, a warrior like bandits and a personal mentor to Jacob Christensen. Give off a streak of madness, to prove his identity frankly less important to the film than expected. In spite of the face being stuck in a cage top evenly among the other stars, the flick centers mainly on Jacob, his efforts to save the royal siblings, and swordsman skills are impressive.

Action-wise, the film is refreshingly free of guns and shoot – a breath of fresh air compared with your usual action / violence flick. The final battle scene between Xing and Jacob has an unexpected twist, and the old school fighting with the sword satisfying enough for fans of this genre. The highlight of the film to be undoubtedly Zhao. Despite the existence of everything against him, the small and the player is with this brave, strong-willed and clearly possesses the qualities emperor, compared with the older brother Xing, who feels that he deserves the right to the throne, being the largest. Jiahang who plays Zhao – and very, very admired, in that – managed to hold him between big stars, which shows the determination of a deep sense of loyalty towards his kingdom with sufficient conviction.

Play the villain and Andy, and Hong Kong-based Chinese American action movie actor, turns undoubtedly temperatures above features with hewn look childish and mean, good. For once, and baddie Asian victories guy on the Ansar in terms of masculinity, and excuse me for being superficial, but this alone makes the show worth the watch – unless you do not mind a few hours of entertainment in a mostly visual, of course. Because this is about as good as it gets with the outcast, and that comes across and more than a typical medieval flick with Chinese topic. There are several aspects of the exhibition that seems unrealistic. Most important that even though it was supposed to be set in China since rural centuries – when emperors still ruled the country – each and every one of the characters and soldiers, farmers and veterans alike – and spoke nothing short of fluent English, as well as the Western presence heavy accent.

If you expect such as Jackie Chan East Meets West flick – something like this is what the famous Shanghai came back l do not hold your breath. Outcast – with the end of the predictable to some extent – although amusing sometimes will not get to jump out of your seat in anticipation.

Nicolas Cage officially a pariah in China.

The latest film cage “, and outcast,” about the exploits of two of the Crusaders in China during the 12th century, and suddenly been pulled from theaters in China, underscoring the extent unpredictable country could be for filmmakers keen on the second-largest film market in the world to exploit . “Castaway”, Hayden Christensen, one of the tournament as well, and was scheduled today for the first time in China. But its release soon interrupted by the events of the film to appear in more than 5,000 theaters.

“I’m confused,” said Jeremy Bolt, one of the film’s producers. “During the 24-hour delay in the release of very unusual. We went through all the appropriate approvals.” Bolt said I do not know what to say. Learned about the decision on Friday, the Chinese partner of the main financier of the film, Yunnan Film Group. Posted Greece at the last minute fax to Huaxi film distributor, saying that because of the movie, “the foreign investor and the international distributor” was going to postpone the film, according to the Chinese film movie site MTime.com. Did not specify the date of the new version of “Castaway”.

The film is French, Canada and China co-production involving the Arclight Films, based in the United States and Australia; bolt of films in the United Kingdom and a popular product, “Resident Evil”; 22h22 France. Canada Media Max prods. Could not be reached immediately lamp brackets representatives for comment. Reasons for the decision are not clear, but it comes to China is moving to a national holiday begins October 1 and runs until October 7.

These times are busy scouring the film is often “blackout periods” where he does not allow any foreign films to be displayed. As a Chinese official co-production, “pariah” in theory should be exempt from these restrictions. Filmed in China, and the Chinese have a story line. But the film office authorities can be sensitive about these things and may have decided to make a change at the last minute. Is due to any “foreign” movies for release in the mainland until October 10 where he is expected to arrive in theaters, “guards of the galaxy.”

It’s not the first time that the withdrawal of foreign film from theaters in China, where he has been frustrated Hollywood studios through quotas that limit the number of foreign films allowed into the country under an agreement for the sharing of revenues and the amount of the ticket sales they can collect. In the past year, Quentin Tarantino, “Django Unchained” has been snatched from theaters shortly after it opened in China reportedly because of fears of nudity and violence. After that removed some of the offending scenes, the Chinese State Administration of Radio, Film and Television (SARFT) allowed her to return to theaters about a month later.

In May last year, the film censorship China also refused to release the Paramount biblical epic “Noah” starring Russell Crowe. War film was withdrawn just hours before its release scheduled on Friday (September 26) for unknown reasons, reports The Hollywood Reporter. Product Mike Gabrawy, who was in Beijing for the opening of the film: “We have no idea why it was withdrawn and advised we in the middle of the night and closed Asian history for a day ..” All our strategies up in the air, and we are trying to get to the bottom of this, “he said.

He continued: “We do not know if it’s a matter of these controls is one the region’s most important to this matter, and we are trying to get to the bottom of this.” Outcast follows two outlaws who end up in the east of China and engage with the story of the Kings. Hayden Christensen stars as well as a man seeking redemption cage through the protection of the owner of the Chinese throne. Distributed by Arclight Films, Castaway follows the story of two of the Crusaders, Nicolas Cage and Hayden Christensen, as a team to protect the emperor in the next line like his older brother and the current governor is trying to assassinate him.

A film that was in Beijing to launch the film’s producers, Mike Gabrawy, spoke to The Hollywood Reporter about the sudden news. “We have no idea why it was withdrawn. We were advised in the middle of the night and closed for the day and Asian history. All our strategies are in the air, and we are trying to get to the bottom of Gabrawy said this.”

This is not the first time that China has postponed suddenly violent American movie from being released. Once again in 2013, and was Quentin Tarantino’s Django Unchained as suddenly canceled before being released. Different outcast, but in the sense that it was the Chinese official co-production, but even this could not save it from exposure to the delay. It is still unclear if the movie was postponed because of the violence in it or if it was a completely different reason. Los Angeles Times reported that China celebrates a national holiday from October 1 to October 7 where it can be shown that any foreign films.

“I’m confused. Delay within 24 hours of the release of very unusual. We went through all the appropriate approvals., Said co-producer Jeremy Bolt, I do not know what to say,” the Los Angeles Times. The premiere also an outcast in the end in the United States, although it has not yet set a date to release. Australia and the United States. The Arclight Films company and one of the main companies involved in the project, and a representative said on Friday they were puzzled why the distributor called Yunnan Film Group (YFG) off the release day and date at the last minute.

“We have no idea why it was withdrawn.” The product is Mike Gabrawy, who was in Beijing for the opening of the film has been advised in the middle of the night and closed for the day and Asian history said. There are horror marathon IFIC noon to midnight seven examination rarely, faith, faith classic horror film, from 1950 to the dawn of the golden age spots 80. Cinema presented by the outcast, in collaboration with Anthology Film Archives. Tickets $ 30.00 for a period of seven films on 35MM, as well as trailers.

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Will be treated snacks are available for purchase in the lobby of chaos and carnage will be available on the screen. Nicolas Cage has been blocked from another drama action movie “Castaway”, according to the Daily Mail newspaper in China at the last minute when it was supposed to be the prime minister in Chinese theaters. The film was withdrawn hours of the deadline for inspection and wide before. A representative of Arclight Films, which Australia and the United States said production and sales company that has been puzzled why the distribution of Yunnan Film Group Company, decided to cancel the “outcast” last minute.

“We have no idea why it was withdrawn. We were advised at midnight and closed on the Asian day and date,” says Mike Gabrawy, film producer, who was there in Beijing to attend the first screening the film. Included violent and bloody scenes in the outcast, which is probably one of the many possible causes that have been withdrawn, but it has the approval of the entire scenario before the deadline. However, as said in the Los Angeles Times, was the release date of the film near the upcoming Chinese National Day Golden Week, which begins October 1 and ends October 7. Subject to celebrate the weeklong holiday of national, foreign films are not allowed to be displayed or released, the despite the “outcast” has been exempted from the restrictions theoretically film. It was scheduled for shows foreign films and released in mainland China on October 10, when it expects Marvel Studios film, “Guardians of the Galaxy”, which will be presented in Chinese cinemas.

Have been banned foreign films and even temporarily banned years ago because of revenue sharing and the limits on how large the sales of tickets they can accumulate agreements. Only in the last year, was withdrawn the film “Django Unchained” also from theaters only immediately after that already shown in China. The film knew her bloody and violent scenes, thus forcing the Chinese State Administration of Radio, Film and Television to remove the ugly scenes. The film was released again after a month.

As noted by the Hollywood Repoter, wrote in the “outcast” of the script by James Dormer, who wrote episodes of Strike Back and ghosts. Shows two weary warriors who wandered off to China, the film, where the two said intervene in emotional affairs and disputes with the Chinese royalty. So Download Outcast Free Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.