On the other side of the tracks Full Movie

On the other side of the tracks

Original Name: De l'autre côté du périph

Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime

Language: French

IMDB Rating: 5.7


Release Date: 19 December 2012


Download On the other side of the tracks Full Movie and it is a Hollywood Comedy and Crime film of 2012 which is directed by David Charhon. Fresh from his winning performance in César Intouchables, is Omar Sy Ousmane clear as a risk to be taken, to break the rules plainclothes detective who works in a suburb of Paris, in the rough. When a rich woman ends up dead on the hood must Ousmane associate with the police shining city, François, identify the killers. Soon, the stakes will be raised, and the odd couple partners discover that both sides have more in common than they realized. In addition to moving car chases and shootouts, on the other side of the track has jokes burst between the two actors a lot of fun to work out their differences in a classic style in 1980. From start to finish is a crowd gives absolute smug Hollywood action films a run for their money.

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If bad cop Ousmane children are involved in a car accident, which merges with the attacker of his fellow officers. The next day, the image of women in a business tycoon’s Ousmane housing nearby. Ousmane draws links between the two crimes and believes it is able to solve two murders. In order to be heard by other means, Ousmane was forced to cooperate with the researcher François Paris Monge, who has much more influence department. Despite the advent of and work in different districts, the pair find common ground with his style of police, including ill-treatment of suspects and kicks butt.Ten years after a tragic train accident killed his friend, Josh plagued by disturbing visions somewhere between the living world and the memory of him dying disturbing.

Apparently it was only the assign not act Jean Dujardin won the artist was Cesar, the French equivalent of the Oscars, she went to Omar Sy Intouchables. Sew memorable performance was better than the unexpected box-office behemoth, and it is the other side of the track. Buddy-cop comedy play David Charhon Ousmane, a watchman in a department detective who just wants to keep his officers with his head down and not rock the boat; Sy is black, the old rules require that the films are reluctant partners are picky white kind of beautiful part of the city. “Are you good at your neighborhood” books from ?? ois Ousmane says the spirit connected in quick succession to solve a murder, “but this is Paris.”

The two will discuss the situation in their respective districts, the heads stop on their contrasting styles, and reluctantly promote respect for others. All this is a long way to say there are few gender stereotypes Charhon not available, but it is just good enough so that the film is sometimes funny, although it is never in the vicinity of inspiration. At least the parties never listen to argue about which radio station. So Download On the other side of the tracks Full Movie Free HD Video for PC and Mobile.