Now You See Me 2 Full Movie

Now You See Me 2

Original Name: Now You See Me 2

Genre: Action, Comedy, Thriller

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 6.5


Release Date: 10 June 2016


Download Now You See Me 2 Full Movie and it is 2016 Hollywood Action film directed by Jon M. Chu. Four street magician with Atlas J. Daniel “Danny”, Merritt McKinney, Henley Reeves, and Jack Wilder accompanied by an unknown benefactor, and a year later, which takes place in Las Vegas as “The Four Horsemen”, supported by insurance magnate Arthur Tressler.

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Towards the end of his first show, which states that a bank was robbed, and invite the viewer Stephen Forcier, an account of the Credit républicain de Paris, to do it. Forcier apparently teleported to your bank in France, where an air suck money and IT showers are active in the crowd in Las Vegas. After discovering that money is not really in a bank vault, the FBI agent Dylan Rhodes called to investigate the robbery and was associated with the Interpol Agent Alma Dray. Drivers were arrested, but had to release them for lack of evidence.

Dylan and Alma met Thaddeus Bradley, a former professional magician who reveals the secrets behind the tricks from other magicians. Taddeo was in the audience and follows the Knights have stolen money weeks before replaced with fake money printed on paper flash: while the real money was in Las Vegas for the trick, burned fake money in any way. The three go to the next occurrence of the group in New Orleans, where riders stealing millions of bank account Tressler and distributed to the public in any way, it made up entirely of the victims of Hurricane Katrina whose claims are denied or reduced by the insurance company Tressler. Dylan tries to stop the four riders, but escaped.

Exposing a furious assumptions Tressler Taddeo and humiliate the driver of his next appearance. Meanwhile, Alma-finding mission and set of Dylan that can be connected at the beginning of the century, twice a secret society of sorcerers ‘eyes’, who claim to have access to real magic. One of the members, a man named Lionel Shrike, Thaddeus departed decades ago when exposed their tricks and Shrike destroyed and hurriedly tried a ploy to rebuild his career back, to escape a downturn safety in a river, only to die if the trick was wrong. Alma believes that the “Fifth Horseman”, which helps the group stage.

Preparations for the exhibition in New York, the drivers evade the authorities, and Dylan and Jack Alma persecution throughout the city, but his road and explode. The remaining votes to keep riders in his name and fill their last appearance, the theft of a safe full of money Elkhorn made by the same company that made sure the Shrike deceased. They performed their last show at 5 Pointz that seemingly vanish into thin air, which inexplicably turns into a shower of notes raining down on the audience. The money must be clearly false and real money found hidden in the car Taddeo “and stopped, probably the fifth Knight. Dylan visits him in his cell, where Tadeo explains that the only way the insurance would be removed, or Jack was still alive, after faked his own death.

Thaddeus also explains that the fifth rider to be a man and realize that Dylan himself is when the agent is removed from the cell and closed recur elsewhere. Dylan says something cheerful Taddeo wants to spend the rest of his life in prison and can not explain. Today the riders met Jackson, whose death has been organized as part of the trick of using a car and a replica body stolen from the morgue. Dylan seems surprising and revealing that he is their mysterious benefactor, and welcomes in sight.

On the Pont des Arts, in France, met Alma Dylan, who reveals himself as the son of Lionel Shrike. Designed printer drivers as revenge against those involved Tadeo, to humiliate his father and forced to groped a risky maneuver to revive his career; Credit Républicain in Paris and now Tressler, who refused to pay insurance in case of death of the father; and Elkhorn, the company that produced surely evil used the trick that has led to the failure. Alma decides not deliver. It takes a lock and a key that gives Dylan, leaving the lock on a metal fence and throw the key into the Seine.

In a scene in the middle of the loans, the four riders led to a wasteland in the middle of a desert. And is a secret room with boxes of new computer wizardry. Merritt and turns to ask their individual cards for opening the boxes, but have lost or forgotten cards.

Landscape is the goal, “a character insists on” The World Made Straight. “The attempt to demonstrate, director David Burris wick Appalachian drama with images of forests and rivers, as well as double-wide trailers and trucks 4×4. A strong sense of place forward, if not a story about why the director near a tribe in 1970 the formation history of the largest historical Documents and thematic arcs, ie bloodlines and bloodshed in a rural area.

Jeremy Irvine (“War Horse”) is Travis, is a young sought a surrogate parent in former professor Leonard. Played by Noah Wyle in a hoarse voice, his face a mask of self-hate, Leonard takes drugs, designed his fall from grace efficiency with clumsy flashbacks and dialogue. But he’s still the Economy Travis, who has brought memories of the civil war and Leonard becomes obsessed with one of his ancestors, died a young man in a legendary massacre Union sympathizers.

The two motors function as main characters in the story, although the issue of their individual not compel destinations. Around the mentor and mentee are still alive known types, including the good ole boy Haley Joel Osment abundant game and on opposite sides of the spectrum of experience innocence, a candy striper pills of hope and beauty addicts victims.

But while Leonard lives and leave sexpot employees (Minka Kelly), clearly labeled researchers and a good heart. (A slice of Aaron Copland “Appalachian Spring” sounds in his trailer home.) Leonard asks Travis interested in the history surrounding the civil war, where families both men have played a role. With a script by Shane Danielsen, who worked as a reporter movie, “The World Made Straight” suggests sometimes a more orderly for “cousin Winter’s Bone ‘, another story about the coming of age of codes and feuds frame larger than the outside world.

The feeling of a place in time can be frozen because adaptation period to get out of Florida, scenography dialogue twangy. However, the final, in which the blood rivalry repaired excessively rally, deadly strains credulity. “The World Made Straight” has a rating of R drugs, weapons, rape. So Download Now You See Me: The Second Act Full Movie Free HD Video for PC and Mobile.