No Way Out Full Movie

No Way Out

Original Name: No Way Out

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Mystery, Romance, Thriller

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 7.1


Release Date: 14 August 1987


Download No Way Out Full Movie and it is a Hollywood Action and Crime film of 1987 which is directed by Roger Donaldson. “No Way Out” is one of those thrillers like “Jagged Edge”, where the plot gives us a lot of information, but the more you know, the less understand. It’s like a puzzle scary. And because the story is so tightly wound and performance is so good, I thought to myself really care about the characters. This is the sign of a good thriller, if you stop to think about the mechanisms of the plot and you start to worry people. The film starts with the same basic situation has always been a favorite of Alfred Hitchcock: an innocent man is falsely accused of a crime, and all the evidence seems to point straight at him.

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In “No Way Out”, some clean laps. One is when innocent man was put in charge of the investigation of the offense. The man played by Kevin Costner in a performance far more complex and interesting than his work can be found in “The Untouchables”. He plays a Navy career to staff personnel of Defence (Gene Hackman) is assigned. Hackman and his devoted assistant (Will Patton) Costner will handle some data for their projects involving sensitive defense minister Pet.

All these data are processed in the first few minutes, and then the film is a real surprise erotic. Costner goes to a diplomatic reception to meet Hackman. There is a beautiful young woman at the party. Their eyes meet. Chemistry right. Begin almost immediately, and the woman launches hunger Costner in passion. Have an adventure. The woman (Sean Young) is friendly but mysterious, and finally Costner out why: She is also the lover Hackman. And that leads to the night when Hackman attacking her in a fit of jealousy, and she dies.

Why Hackman Costner went into his apartment when he was on his way, he knows who committed the crime. But there are reasons why you can not tell what he knows. And Patton led the coverage and ready Costner’s mind. At this point you might think that I’ve revealed too much of the plot. No “No Way Out” is truly labyrinthine and witty. The director Roger Donaldson, sometimes two or three units that create tension, while, for example, when the Pentagon agrees with the intention Costner to obtain evidence against Hackman and slowness of a team that can not or can improve an image that Costner might crash.

Much of what happens in the movie is not just psychological and Motion. It is interesting performance Patton, who from the beginning that he would sacrifice his life for Hackman and then revealed that he had said more than one reason for their dedication. Another good performance from George Dzundza (“Hunter”), as computer expert Pentagon wheelchair, trying to be a good guy without really understanding what’s in the middle.

The film contains some of the ingredients, I get tired listed in the latest thriller, including a couple of persecution. But this is simply persecution willingly; grow from the logic of the plot. And as the plot goes becoming increasingly complex, until a final twist of finale that some people think it’s just gratuitious, but it does not fit into the logic of the plot over-all. Movies like this are very hard to do. For proof, look at the remains of dozens thriller without success each year. “No Way Out” is a superior example of the genre, a movie where a simple situation becomes more complex becomes a nightmare, not only for the hero, but also linked to all.

At the same time respecting the intelligence audience, which gives us a lot of information, putting our trust and makes the intellectual analysis of the situation, one of the great pleasures of the film. No Way Out is told in flashback as a naval officer Tom Farrell (Kevin Costner) is grilled with his superiors in relation to a recent “annoying”. Even at a party in Washington, met Tom, Susan Atwel (Sean Young), and will soon be sharing a hot love scene on the back of a limousine (wonderfully parodie in 1993 Hot Shots! Part Deux). A few months before Tom, Susan meets again; He discovered that he was a lover of Defense Minister David Brice (Gene Hackman). So Download No Way Out Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.