National Security Full Movie

National Security

Original Name: National Security

Genre: Action, Comedy, Crime

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 5.5


Release Date: 17 January 2003


Download National Security Full Movie and it is 2003 Hollywood action, comedy and crime film directed by Dennis Dugan. Two LAPD officers, Hank Rafferty (Zahn) and his partner Charlie Reed (Timothy Busfield), an investigation of a shooting shop and discovers a gang of thieves, of which fired Charlie is dead before he fled.

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In the meantime (Lawrence) lifelong dream of becoming a police officer Earl Montgomery is frustrated when banished from the police academy. Hank Earl crosses when Hank Earl understand trying to get into his car to find the keys locked inside. Hank Earl begins to doubt, to race-bait Hank stopped the point of getting him. A bumble arrives, which is a highly allergic Earl.

Earl panic and Hank tries to swat the bees away with his stick. From a distance, it seems Hank, a white police officer suspected a black brute, while at the same time a Latino man captured the incident on video. Shame is Hank fired by police and convicted of aggravated assault. Spend six months in jail.

After his release from prison, Hank takes a job as a security guard and continue the investigation into the death of Charlie. Achieving an alarm occurred in a layer of soft drinks Hank goes to investigate.

Meanwhile, Earl, who happens to work for the same security guard in stock, but loosen. When Hank arrives, he interrupted a robbery and shooting breaks out with bullies, Hank and Earl stabbing again. Even bullies get away, Hank admits tattoo guy Charlie, whose name is Nash teaches (Eric Roberts) a shot.

One of the robbers left a cell phone, which leads them to a truck rented by the killers. Inside Hank and Earl find a van. By driving the vehicle, but the bridge vehicle falls into a slot. The van that beer kegs seem ordinary, but Hank was tested by a friend who works in a foundry, informing them that the barrels are made from aerospace alloy that is worth millions.

Hank takes the van and the vessels of the house of his ex-girlfriend, Denise (Robinne Lee). They divorced after Hank was arrested and ordered Hank Earl Denise tells the truth about the “attack”. But when Earl sees that Denise is a black woman, forgets his promise and start hitting on her, play again the victim. Throw two of them outside the house, and when Hank asks explanations, revealing figure that he dislikes interracial couples. Hank was furious and said that despite his talk about racism, it’s actually the Count himself who is racist.

During the discussion touches and leaves Hank Earl. Earl runs back to Hank, how the corners of Police, who wants to learn to throw suspicion to the bridge. After escaping, Hank realizes that thieves should have a man in police.

Monitoring the owner of the van for a direction Hank and Earl reconsider the place, but Earl stupid runs in your account, where you can meet Nash. Hank Earl manages to get to safety, but Earl has a bullet in his leg. Denise’s house, they discover that the wound Earl is a scratch. Fortunately for Hank, a bee into the house, and Earl run to hide, so Denise realized that the crazy story of Hank in “attack” Earl was really true. It does put a shot of lying Earl and Hank in jail. Dig throws out of the house and reconciles with Hank.

On the basis of something heard from Nash, followed by a meeting in a yacht club and talk to witnesses McDuff, who revealed himself as a police mole. Hank Earl and share everything they know in Washington (Bill Duke), and then look McDuff, which offers return “barrel” sell for a large sum of money. However teaches Nash their plans and hostage before Washington.

During the confrontation, Earl and Hank hit McDuff, Nash and his men near the coast, capturing Washington and the killing or capture of most bullies, including McDuff. During the recording, save Hank life of Count warning about a gunman on him, himself a shot in the process. So Download National Security Free Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.