Mr Turner Full Movie

Mr Turner

Original Name: Mr Turner

Genre: Drama, History

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 6.8


Release Date: 31 October 2014


Download Mr Turner Full Movie and it is 2015 Hollywood biography, drama and history film directed by Mike Leigh. Mike Lee on “Mr. Turner “is a look at the last quarter century the famous JMW Turner, British painter (Timothy fragment). Have been deeply affected by the death of his father, Esquire (Paul Jesson), the woman he loved, Hannah Danby (Dorothy Atkinson ), which was to take it for granted and exploited sexually in some cases, it is a close relationship with the owner of the sea (Marion Bailey), with whom he had lived in recent burglary in Chelsea, where he died.

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In all this, Turner travels, color, remains with the aristocracy of the country, visiting brothels, a member of the famous, if chaotic at the Royal Academy of Arts, as well as people connected to the mast of the ship so that he can paint a snowstorm, and celebrated and reviled by the public and kings. This timepiece film in theaters in the UK until 31 October in the United States and December 19

I had worked with Mike Lee some time ago, “Mr. Turner,” I understand that you have a discussion with him about this project and I started teaching and research several years before painting photography …? Timothy excerpt: Yes. Mike spoke to me first about this movie seven years ago, and told me not to tell anyone that he was going to make a film about Turner. After several years and then remember what you told me: “Right, what do you do? We’re going to make this film in three years, while in two and a half year. I would like you to start painting. “I started in 2010, and we have been looking to shoot a movie in 2013, and that’s what we did. When I agreed to it and said: “Do not get too excited, and we did not get money from it, we do not know if it will happen or not, but, in principle, are you ready to do this?” I said: “Yes, of course.” I was shocked when I was asked.

So I started to learn how to draw a couple of years ago to start exercising, and rehearsed for six months. And wonderful image artist named Tim Wright gave me lessons when I was not working, and took me with all disciplines to the point that I was actually able to make a full size replica of the panel Turner. When you do not you see two, three times a week – lived very close to me. I have been involved in a very large, however. Even on a practical level that I have prepared, and then obviously discussed a lot. I think the biggest thing that has made us the best match is that he was smiling man looking a little fat, and so on …. I am (laughs). But, as far as his soul was concerned, that took a lot of research. There was a lot of research about his art and what were his inspiration – and that was the process of working with Mike and other members of the working group.
I play this guy, this genius that contains an incredible amount inside him – he polymath. But what is inside it, aside from his art, is not always there in the open for people to see. It is devoid of meaning famous. Timothy fragment: Yes, he was a man of mystery, and there was quite a few biographies I read in obtaining greater understanding of it. It became clear that it was for me … and what makes the film so wonderful is that it is about a genius, but genius does not always about being in the most romantic of the beam. Most geniuses are curious, they have a conflict, they have these conflicts per se. We found that this man was a kind of monkey, and said he was in some kind of ape-like feeling.

The working class and he had this amazing spirit, and this poetic self, he was autodidactic, but then had the opportunity to collect and absorb all this genius that was around him. He was a big fan of Claude Lorraine, he absorbs all of these people. So this contradiction between this brutal little guy who has love in his heart, but he is not quite sure where to put it, this was a stunning visual genius quite interesting thing to achieve.

When he appeared for the first time Mr. Turner to great acclaim at the Cannes Film Festival this year – and got the best representative of the Timothy Award fragment – the critics could not resist drawing parallels between the film’s hero, the painter JMW Turner, and her writer-director Mike Leigh: Two singular artists and miraculous from the output, relentless, both highbrow and licentious and, well, just a touch crotchety. Fools tread cautiously! No one is in a better position to rule on the validity or otherwise of such suggestions from actress Marion Bailey, 63, who plays the lover Turner cheery, strong Her Margit Ms. Booth. And not only worked with me throughout her career, and go back to the stage of cooperation in 1980, but not real life partner and director.

It’s the fact that they dare to volunteer when the subject of the commonalities between Turner and Les and suggests that both may be a bit eccentric. “Well, he was my partner, and I do not know if you know that?” Laugh. I’m done, I say. With the spirit characteristic humor she continues: “No, I’ve never felt eccentric Mike. Our work together for the first time in a long period of time, and I found him always very easy. Very funny. I laugh working with him and I have a laugh with him personally. He much more easily socialize with all kinds of people from Turner. ”

It recognizes that I do not suffer fools (“I winced sometimes”) in spite of his defense as a “buzz” that gets his goat crap. “I imagine it was a bit like that of Turner. I could have pretentions of smell,” says Bailey.Timothy fragment: This really grown organically. This has emerged, instinctive, emotional, autodidactic, incredible intellectual man who had a zillion things to say, but did not say that. So he wrapped it all collapsed in necrosis. This is the way that expressed himself a lot of time because he got this thing burning inside. So instead of saying, it’s just “Ghrrm, ghrrm.” He was a man of the working class during his life, which was about the prostitutes, nobility, artists and architects … and of course find all this stuff. There’s a lot there in the inside through the experiences of this group has. As I told you before, was a polymath, he knows a lot.

There is a process by which an invention of Mike and the way you work, where you go through it together – and does so with all of his films and with all his actors. It’s incredibly collaborative, and you’re building a personal even from nothing to something, and through various templates humans. In this case, the character that was raised was created organically and physically in union with what you learn about him. His physical and worldly visceralness him and his strange man. In conjunction with this beautiful, wonderful, sublime work was something interesting going. Grunts and physical came of it.So Download Mr Turner Free Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.