Mommy 2014 Full Movie

Mommy 2014

Original Name: Mommy

Genre: Drama

Language: French, English

IMDB Rating: 8.2


Release Date: 8 October 2014


Download Mommy 2014 Full Movie and it is Hollywood Drama film directed by Xavier Dolan. Resolute and perverse voluntarily stylized, “Mom,” the fifth film as director of the young director Xavier Dolan was really attention-getter at Cannes last year, which forced him to share a Jury Prize Ye Olde postmodernist Jean-Luc Godard last, “Farewell to the language. ” To paraphrase Public Enemy, the image of Dolan would do well to look with skepticism at what is, in the eyes of this person, a bass drum.

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The 25-year-old Dolan, a child actor who once cultivated a public personality and equally thorny smirkily flattering, it can be intuitively that art films French-Canadian response to Justin Bieber also a press prevent prisoner. E ‘in the work. Here’s the story (which) refers to a deeply troubled teenager in the custody of their abrasives suspended -On a single mother, after causing havoc in a juvenile detention mother, Diana, called “Die” overly decorated and have a key work and takes excellent short skirts and want to get a job as a translator, but not super-long-as Ken Follett. He played with integrity hardened by Anne Dorval. Also excellent is Suzanne Clément as Cooling, a neighbor Diane, who cares about the welfare of your children.

Less son Antoine Olivier Pilon Steve. You can not really sure if it is the management and performance-no-but look Pilon or the fact that Steve is not so much a character as a building of tics and tropes. Angel-faced but did not attack, not very smart, but always able to make a comeback with a clear idea of ​​light, Steve perfect asocial. You get a sense that Dolan will find a wonderful way, that many of these critics rubbed the wrong way. To the extent that the film came up, each time accidentally fell on the boy, I found myself thinking of the famous phrase reactionary conservative cartoonist Al Capp of their lamps, “Easy Rider” has had a happy ending.

Although it makes little sense to structure or history, had Dolan is not a significant technical, structural, or perhaps the ability to take on, with the help of several national grants art, crew members of the technical resources to better use. The first few minutes of the film are filled with small color clever tricks, trivia and burn lens flares. The mix of sounds, is also very “Hey!” Like when a song is played on the soundtrack, while another music through headphones Steve losses. View Offi Ness expands the frame of the movie itself.

For the most part, Dolan presents the film in a 1: 1 aspect a perfect square. This is even more extreme in its boxiness old “relationship Academy” Most of us are familiar with the sound of Hollywood until the beginning of 1950. In theory, this framework aims to capture the viewer in size integrated into the life choices of the characters, and if so, one could argue that this feature works well. Yet. Dolan broke twice: once in a meeting where Steve, Kaya, and Diane begin to bloom in their affiliation and feelings; tools with “Wonderwall” Steve literally “open” frame, ready widescreen movie and let the images breathe a little. “Since it’s almost like” Steve Effect ‘character jokes spoken before was really Coming soon penetrate the conditions and framework again.

The effect is a metaphor cheesy but effective. And “the other device Dolan shows his true side, the expansion of the size of the screen for a dream sequence in which the real Steve replaced by what I will call Steve hunky, is normal and loves his mother and his wife and giving. Mother grandchildren, etc. . When Diane shakes when they wake up, their edges box again, and the effect is really sadistic toward Diane, and yes, to the public. Dolan’s not forget who is the master. As for me, I’m leaving.

Many words describe the Canadian film “Mother.” Ugly, violent and heartbreaking are just a few. Introducing unnominated from Canada to the 87th Academy Awards for best foreign film is difficult to go down, but in the end it is worth it. Anne Dorval stars like Diane Despres, a middle-aged woman uncomfortable, increasing the severity of ADHD son, Steve. They live a life of poor land to the French-Canadian province of Quebec. The film begins with a description of a fictitious Canadian law that says that every parent has the right to institutionalize their son, if he or she becomes very difficult to control. I do not know why we need to know about a law that does not exist, but where the film addresses the Telegraph.

The writer and director Xavier Dolan had some strange things to say in his film. Repeatedly we are told that Diane or who are physically attractive. Each character seems to have something to say about it. But I could not find her attractive and simple beauty. The film opens with an unpleasant driver after a car crash. The man was to see if he was okay just interested. Dan “Che”, as you call it, the child will pick you up in a special school, discussion with the director of her boyfriend to start a fire and injured another student. That life is not as bad as she is. Steve is narcissistic and violent. He frightens everyone in sight, and only later in the film is set on a point that makes it acceptable. There are two ugly people in a semi-Oedipal relationship with some redeeming qualities. So Download Mommy 2014 Full Movie Free HD Video for PC and Mobile.