Madea’s Witness Protection Full Movie

Madea’s Witness Protection

Original Name: Madea's Witness Protection

Genre: Comedy, Crime, Drama, Movies

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 4.1


Release Date: 29 June 2012


Download Madea’s Witness Protection Full Movie and it is a Hollywood crime film directed by Tyler Perry. Madea’s Witness Protection film is about for long time, Needleman who is the gentle Chief financial officer of a Wall St. investment bank has been swallowing his guide in the fogs. But George finally pushed to awaken while he come to know that his business firm Lockwise Manufactures, has been running a gang supported Ponzi scheme and that he is now been going as a fall guy. Confronting felonious appoints and dying menaces from the gang, George with his whole family are anesthetize witness security in the securest place of that Brian.

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For proof deliver judgment how tiny mileage Witness Protection gets out of its fish out of water premise. I wanna know how I’m gonna hide five White folks in a neighborhood that don’t even have any white cats or white cars, Madea complains but the deserted ethnic conflicts that arise are inside the habitat mostly thanks to George’s senile mother Doris Roberts of Everybody Loves Raymond, who’s convinced that her hostess is the maid.

Madea takes this taking into account surprisingly fine humor perhaps because the introduction of the Needlemans gives her a source of inspiration for her signature malapropisms mishearing WiFi as waffle and yoga as Yoda. She with gets to be lithe the notorious role of Magic Negro, fixing the strained relationship along as well as George’s outraged youngster daughter and his inexplicably hot second wife played by Denise Richards the former Mrs. Charlie Sheen.

How much of this is actually funny is a ask of taste but even a avowed Perry hater might profit caught laughing subsequent to or twice. Cross dressing may be one of the oldest comic gambits in the book, but Perry knows how to fighting it as gone he chicken struts when oh no you didn’t indignation at the protection talking teenager.

On the new hand, as a comedy writer, Perry contents himself as soon as low hanging fruit. Advising George going in report to for how to survive prison, for example Madea warns him just don’t decline the soap. Equally crass are the exploitation she exchanges subsequent to her brother Joe, with played by Perry. One particularly objectionable giggle extraction Shut up, rectum!