Mad Max: Fury Road Full Movie

Mad Max: Fury Road

Original Name: Mad Max: Fury Road

Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 6.8


Release Date: 15 May 2015


Download Mad Max: Fury Road Full Movie and it is 2015 Hollywood thriller film directed by George Miller. After a nuclear war, the world is a desert wilderness and civilization collapsed. Some reptiles have two heads and human health indefinitely. Max, a survivor, trapped by the boys of the war, the military leader of the cult tyrannical Immortan Joe, and Joe took the Citadel.

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Especially a universal blood donor, Max is captured and used as a “blood bag” for those who suffer from war Boy Nux. Meanwhile Imperator Furious shoots Rig war heavily armored to collect gasoline. When the raging road begins to pull away, Joe realizes that his five wives women specifically selected for playback is gone. Joe leads his army looking furious, relying on the help of the neighboring municipality of gas and Bullet Farm.

Nux joins Army tied with Max on the hood of his car, to continue to provide blood. A conflict arises between the platform and the troops Joe. Furious floating in a sandstorm approaching, evade his pursuers, with the exception of Nux, who tries to sacrifice himself to destroy the Rig; Max runs away and keeps Nux, but the car is destroyed by Rig. Waking up after the storm, Max looks close Furious repair his rig, along with the women, Angharad, capable, Cheedo, Brindisi and day. Max steals Rig, but shut off the truck. Max reluctantly agrees to leave the Furious and wives accompanying him; Nux back to Joe.

Furious runs biker gang territory into a canyon, have agreed to replace gasoline for the ride. But forces Joe is close behind and flies Furious, while cyclists explode canyon walls that block the path of Joe. Max furious and prevent pilots to hunting, but the car Joe escapes the blockade and attack Rig. Nux table Rig while Joe tries to stop the Furious. Even Furious fled, Angharad, pregnant wife Joe, is from the Rig and get hit by a car of Joe, fatally wounded her and her son. Furious Max explains fleeing “Green Place”, a place that remembers from his childhood. Can find Nux hiding aboard the platform, and comforted him after realizing that he is upset in the absence of Joe. At night Rig heavy and “caught in deep mud. Max furious and slow the strengths Joe with explosive, but an ally of Joe, the farmer bullet, conducts Rig. Nux helps rid the Rig during recording furious and aperture Farmer bullet. Max goes to confront the dark Bullet Boer and his men return to Rig with weapons and ammunition.

When that day comes, travels Rig through swamp and desert, arriving finally at a naked woman. Max identifies it as a trap, but furious let Rig and explains his former clan affiliation. She calls her group, who realize that the Furious is a member of their clan, was kidnapped from his mother when she was a child. Furious is shocked to learn that wetlands have gone where Green Place, now inhospitable. The group agrees with the bikes over the huge salt flat ride in the hope of finding a place to live. Max decides to stay, but after seeing visions of his dead daughter, he convinces her to return to the Citadel, which is more than enough water and vegetation as Joe keeps to himself and try not protected all the values of them leaving Joe and drop Joe and his army of bikers canyon.

The group began the journey back to the Citadel, finally meet Joe. A struggle led by the two parties, and the Furious is seriously injured. Joe placed his car in front of the Rig to slow, while Max is fighting Rictus son Joe. Toast caught and the car of Joe, but she takes it, making the Furious connects the mask of Joe on the spinning wheel of his car, tearing her face to face and kill him. Nux sacrificed destroy rig, blocking the canyon, killing Rictus, and that Max and the Furious wives escape by car to Joe. Max infuses his raging blood to help survive their wounds.
At the Citadel, the citizens of Joe are happy to see the corpse of Joe. Furious and women are raised to lift the child War Boys, but Max remains. He and the Furious share a glance of recognition before Max disappears in the crowd.