Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior Full Movie

Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior

Original Name: Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior

Genre: Action, Adventure, Thriller

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 7.6


Release Date: 21 May 1982


Download Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior Full Movie and it is a Hollywood Action and Adventure film of 1982 which is directed by George Miller. Do not need to see another nuclear holocaust film seemed so desolate and very brutal, or packed and entertaining work sometimes, as in the apocalyptic road warrior George Miller, a film that looks like a weird fantasy Sadie C. cartoon come to life. Born in New York, and movie stars Swedish actor Mel Gibson Abdo (Gallipoli, Tim), who starred in Mr. Miller’s Mad Max, which, as I understand it, was a warrior path sequel. As we begin the road warrior, and the Third World War has just ended.

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He died of civilization. So, with stability, confidence and hope. Max (Gibson) reminds us of the brave, -hages quality young Steve McQueen. It is a kind of high-octane Lancelot, accompanied by a dog faithful in a very high IQ, driving his old car, keep it completely, and hot rod manipulation through barren land of remote areas in Australia, and not a quest for the Holy Grail but gasoline. Petrol provides maximum travel and Judy angry, which is almost non-stop, from nowhere to nowhere. If the world had come to an end, there’s no place else to go.

The Warrior’s Way, written by Terry Hayes and Mr. Miller, Brian Hannant, and not really good art, but is stripped, so cunningly film is one of the most famous Swedish film yet been published in this country. It does not pretend to do anything but entertain very primitive, shaking occasionally the first movie on the Internet, which shuddered as the tram dramatically in the silence of the audience to the camera. The film was shown at the Festival Theatre today in the new administration / New Films series.

Available in road warrior has been reduced to a single, two-lane paved road extends infinite horizon to horizon, landscape of empty houses, trees or other signs of life, except sometimes destroy the car. During the arrest to reconsider tractor-trailer abandoned petrol, Max has his first encounter with a vicious gang members, particularly movement of terrorists after the Holocaust. These are the followers of Humungus, a kind of bodybuilders strong, like his colleagues, the clouds affect the type currently in the shops skin “own” the studded jacket, bracelets, and forms a belt, in addition to leather mask.

As the film, and almost everything in it, and Humungus and his friends are the kind of cultural cross-fertilization of the century comedy favorite. Riding motorcycles, but struggling with spades, clubs and crossbows. The good in the film, a group of relatively types civilians who runs a small refinery in the desert, fighting with rebounding and flamethrowers. A pile of debris This film contains the remains of a civilization more than one. Alan Ladd as Shane, Max, solitary, more or less compelled to help the people of the civilized oil refinery.

And Humungus and his friends surrounded the refinery threatens level and pampered and eat all of them less than gasoline. There are many bloody clashes, which eventually leads to a desperate break for freedom, and that the pioneers of the “good” way of life pursued by Humungus and his staff. This exciting quest of a truck, bus, trailer and other vehicles of all types, as well as homemade helicopter. Road warriors do not have time for women to play a lot less in this desert, especially in the area of vandals.

Humungus most supporters of evil is huge monster rides around on his bike, growling psychotic boyfriend with her pretty blonde hanging from his waist. Women in the refinery rate, but Max is pparently too busy to remember the unthinkable does not have time for a romantic or sexual thoughts. As Max, Humungus, who has never faced unprecedented and owner Sylvester and her boyfriend stupid, and other characters only known in the film is a company happy (Bruce Spence), and runs a small helicopter and tries to get rid of a servant Max believers and a child, and a bit grubby (Emile mint) that Brandon de Wilde plays Mr. Gibson, Alan Ladd.

We’re nearly there yet, mom? “Satirical master movie wonders chase a time of great adventure story. But it needs a bit of ” Alice in Wonderland ” and a little ‘more for “” Journey to the Center of the Earth. ” Talk to any project in the world is a copy back from the daily environment. We have this in the outside world seems safe and familiar, and that of a computer. Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) is a world where smart Alecky recreational space program paranoid him, has been the development of a computer game that makes lots of money. Chairman Kevin, Ed Dillinger, suitable game.

Flynn when trying to get into the computer industry to prove theft Dillinger, and the team is the subject of burglary, and decides to show him who’s boss. And satellites – the film has a more sophisticated term for this and turn it into a small prisoner in his own circle. Actors in the story in the real world of the movie – David Warner Bruce Boxleitner, Cindy Morgan and Barnard Hughes – everyone plays a dual role in the show modified versions of themselves in the world of computers. Dillinger, for example, is now sheet. In addition to this, it is difficult movie mode.

If Flynn’s efforts to escape this maze of electronic It is evident that a series of persecutions breathing, also offered an exciting animated computer quickly for a fee. Flynn and other would-be escapees whizzing through the countryside networks and mazes, along with a soundtrack full of incidents deafening. Possession half the members of the public display of his fingers in his ears for a large part of the film. Following the example of Mr. Lisberger “Star Wars” in an attempt to make him brave heroes as a kid, every act of feats with a joke or a shrug and transformation of the latest fashion adventure movies for dialogue on the future history. So Download Mad Max 2: The Road Warrior Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.