Love Aaj Kal Full Movie

Love Aaj Kal

Original Name: Love Aaj Kal

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Language: Hindi

IMDB Rating: 6.8


Release Date: 31 July 2009


Download Love Aaj Kal Full Movie and it is 2009 Bollywood Romantic film directed by Imtiaz Ali. Brutally honest, it was necessary that the decision to arrest the combination and control running at once. If you are not careful, you are likely to lose the plot. Although it is not far now believe that the sword defines a double role in the film – playing on its position as the son of Rishi Kapoor will not confuse what happens each fall before this transition occurs. The script aims to be in front of the full amount of credits from Slumdog Millionaire. Passes and even increase over time, from start to drop for moving.

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In fact, Love Aaj Kal an option at the age of successful films, such as this concept has never experienced anything ever going to check behind the Indian. Love Aaj Kal is the function of the Director of each. Relationships are confusing here because the couple locked in a state of denial and real life. E “on behalf of Imtiaz Ali, who wrote the copy unconventional, has developed a difficult situation, but together, show grief main cast. While connected, the writing is not the kind of charm to all parts of the public film in progress. In addition, the realization of this as stimulus in the first hour of obstacles.

Jay and Mira is a few days activist in London. They are very happy together, but aware of the link to make a decision for each branch. So when you get naked buoyancy on the development of non-traditional, alimony when the decision to discontinue the relationship between them arise, and for a long time against the deal, in terms of communication, not in combat. Veer Singh switched and flash Harleen looks for the first time.

Travels a thousand kilometers by train to stand with padded his balcony without help to get an idea of the direction. So far, no words behind her. Jay deviates everything can be dealt with matters of the heart, not emotion. Jai Singh Veer excuse can not be so naive and stupid almost Harleen teenager. But since it is the development of each of the stories, and we believe that the partnership process can change times per second, but in praise of life experience is still limited.

Love Aaj Kal Fusione abnormal movements and continents. It is a new, never try this topic in the post but the material, the characters Saif and Deepika special attainable targets young people, especially in cities deaf. While the film terminology management, it is a multi-liners in the film. Another area where the experiments Imtiaz Ali Saif young actor Rishi Kapoor. It is a new concept, not two opinions speaks loudly this topic, but the count is zero snow everywhere? People tend to take advantage of embarrassment behind the flying sequence sepia?

The film captures the piece injection and the start of the parts. This is due in part to write according to choice. However, write-bearing fractures occur at the causes of the second hour. It is at this point that the film is full of hands between the fragmented pieces together, creating a hypnotic described. Second time’s the spirit of the film. Since the beginning of Deepika converted decision to marry, until the last session, and is about a higher level of emotional film. Order comes and goes to cut the head of astonishing.

Transactions behavior Deepika sword, a sword in a marriage or gradually in the United States in the middle of a look, or the realization that the marriage was a mistake moments strong, considering this change is a Love Aaj Kal passes next to dizzying heights. Imtiaz Ali is a genius. The film has a talented storyteller brand. This is a film to the future, which handles relations assistants and backward settlements querying age. Numbers comes from what happens on the target leaking.

Both Saif and Deepika pursue a career best performance in Love Aaj Kal. Saif take the difficult parts add remarkable ease. Of course, we saw the cool dude, the city in many films, but this is the most challenging role and led the player Maher can not imagine doing this accuracy. Deepika looks ethereal. More importantly, Love Aaj Kal, which is doing very, very capable. Saif correspondence just a piano and do it in different scenes. This reduction should turn in his career. Rishi Kapoor is first class.

Actress and introduce the role of Harleen enough. Rahul Khanna cleverly done in a small but important role. Neetu Kapoor, referring to bleaching is to take in the beautiful view of reality. It is given a grace period. In mixed is Love Aaj Kal to admire the young at heart. Of course it is not absolute, but the result is deafening, and melodic music and working emotional moments make up for what still hiccups. At the box office, the film should begin after the game on four factors has melted novel, excellent music.