La Bamba Full Movie

La Bamba

Original Name: La Bamba

Genre: Biography, Drama, Music

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 6.8


Release Date: 24 July 1987


Download La Bamba Full Movie and it is a Hollywood Biography and Dramatic film of 1987 which is directed by Luis Valdez. “La Bamba,” begins with a series that at first glance a memory. Some teenage boys playing basketball in a school. Far above, a small drone aircraft in the air. The colors of this scene to be washed, as an old memory, and cast sounds very far. Not slow motion. Appears another plane. The basketball game continues. We rocked by the feeling of a slow summer afternoon. Then the two planes collide and fall during school. Because “La Bamba” is the story of Ritchie Valens, guess this is his memory. But he was not present when the plane crashed, and the scene is what I could have imagined. One of his friends died that day.

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Always assumed that if it had been in the schoolyard, would be killed too. That’s why I never liked taking airplanes. The scene is very effective. But I wonder if it’s the right way to open “La Bamba”. Everyone who comes to this movie knows that Valens died in a plane crash with Buddy Holly and The Big Bopper February 3, 1959, the day the music died. The first stage is followed by several other references to Valente fear of flying, and the effect is to put the whole film under a cloud, with a mass of each scene with the knowledge of impending death.

Steal “La Bamba,” a quality that I think you can use: the feeling of pleasure. This is an honest film, well acted by the short lifespan of a minor ‘n’ roll rock star, and since we came in almost feel surprised Valens did not die in an accident. He is played by Lou Diamond Phillips as introspective, serious young man, intensely focused that he wanted his music to play more than anything else in life. Their commitment is almost equivalent to an obsession. Seems to never let go. Valente was only three shots. His public career lasted less than six months. He died before he was 18. There is a wealth of material to draw from what it was for “The Buddy Holly Story.”

So Luis Valdez, Director, complete the story with information about Valente family, especially his hard-working, happy mother (Rosana De Soto) and his brother (Esai Morales), which both supports and dislike. Valente was true name Valenzuela. It was a Mexican-American, raised for a time in the labor migrant, and he idolized his older brother sometimes appears in a motorcycle glamor. But admiration for music and began singing when I have a job in Los Angeles in late 1950. His family moved to the city to find and Valente has a girlfriend – a blond Anglo name Donna, whose parents do not approve him – challenging “Woman” one of their hits.

He had some adventures growing municipalities, and the film makes much of a trip he and his brother took Tijuana, where Valente was less interested in girls than in a group (in the movie, of course, playing “La Bamba”). When Valens discovered by a record producer minor (Joe Pantoliano), his career is going surprisingly well. A song is played, it’s a success, he was invited to appear Alan Freed in one of his pioneering rock ‘n’ roll show in Brooklyn and two more shots followed fairly quickly. Valente took a decisive artistic decisions: Although not speak Spanish, urged the introduction of “La Bamba” in Spanish, with the irrefutable logic that, as Nat King Cole could incorporate into Spanish, which could, too.

Last visit Valens treated almost routine. We know how it’s going to stop filming, anyway. The Big Bopper working backstage, saying, “Hey, baby!” to everyone you know. Buddy Holly singing “Crying, Waiting, hope.” They depart from the airport in a snowstorm, Holly and Valens flip a coin called the boss and earn his place in a plane crash. Still to come, no doubt, is a film about Big Bopper. And since no one has called “Rock ‘n’ Roll pilot” (“It was at the controls of the day the music died”).

This is a great small, a child grows and tasting fame and leave everyone standing around at his funeral surprised his life ended just when it seemed to start. Lou Diamond Phillips plays legendary rocker 1950 Ritchie Valens (born Ricardo Valenzuela), in this musical biography. Before scoring radio success, and in agreement with hits like “La Bamba,” “Let’s go” and “woman”, Valente was a migrant worker of 15 years, who has worked with her mother, Connie (Rosana De Soto).

This is the true story of Ritchie Valens, a young rock singer film follows Ritchie from his days in Pacoima, California, died tragically in a plane crash at the age of 17, where he and his family make a meager living working in companies are emerging as a star. The film also focuses on friendship Ritchie and rivalry with his older brother Bob Morales and his relationship with Donna Ludwig, his girlfriend. So Download La Bamba Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.