Kung Fu Killer Full Movie

Kung Fu Killer

Original Name: Yi ge ren de wu lin

Genre: Action, Thriller

Language: Cantonese

IMDB Rating: 6.5


Release Date: 24 April 2015


Download Kung Fu Killer Full Movie and it is 2014 Action film directed by Teddy Chan. Starring Donnie Yen, Wang Baoqiang and Charlie Young. Directed by Teddy Chen. 100 minutes. Cineplex opens Friday at Yonge Dundas. 14A
The point of making its title: a serial killer who goes to martial arts master, and sent by his talent tailored in kung fu.
Kung Fu murderess can start the funniest half Chop Socky for a few reasons, the veteran actor Donnie Yen in the Board, Mo Hahou who can fight and go with the same skills. There is a new wrinkle in clever murderess unbalanced Fung Yu Sau played with enthusiasm for Wang Baoqiang have a disability, but have little impact on their ability to cause bloody chaos.

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It’s also nice strong female characters as Charlie Young looks crap Inspector Luk Yuen sum and Sinn brave Michelle Bai Ying, the love interest of the protagonist.

Director Teddy Chen brings a lot of very big battle scenes with different abilities and weapons including exciting climax confrontation between the hero and the villain and the script Ho-Leung Lau and Mak Tin-shu has some decent shots.

There is much focus on the traditional Confucian values ​​crumbling humility, obedience and perseverance, but it is something that fans of the measures is likely to think or message.

The combination of police procedural movies Teddy Chen and kick-ass action gives a reliable way for a long Hong Kong star Donnie Yen (Ip Man), who at the age of 51 indicates that the offer is still in pretty good shape all the right moves. With very experienced Hong Kong film in cameos and a fitting tribute renewed during the credits, to murderess kung fu genre fans, although it is unlikely that the success of the intersection of these martial arts Epic Raid repetition and follow.

Yen charismatic, who was also the film “Head of action” central role Hahou Mo, a former Kung Fu instructor prison for accidentally killing one of his rivals. He came out of prison to a police unit led by Detective Lucas (Charlie Young) to find a center leg series disturbed murderess who sends some great masters of martial arts, every battle in style exactly where specialized help.

Teddy Chen “Kung Fu Killer”, the action star Donnie Yen Hong Kong facing an enemy that does not get the memo about martial arts: there is no reason to kill the other; just win. Mr. Yen plays Hahou Mo, is an example of a prisoner freed by police to stop a murderess who goes after ex-combatants. Provided that the results sorted buffet struggle one variety or another boxing, attack, a duel of bamboo leads to the inevitable confrontation.

There is no mystery, really, as a steady stream of flashbacks and cross identifies nemesis Hahou as Fung Yu Sau furious. Chen grabs our eye early with a fight between sliding Fung and a sacrifice that takes place in a giant work, seems bones of King Kong. Later, Fung fight a man in a make-up (quickly evacuated) movie recording.

Meanwhile Hahou helps detective Luk Yuen sum unmoved Range Fung, and cares for his weapon to combat girl at home. Mr. Yen ensures efficiency turn-on-a-dime for the fight, but it is almost in the shadow of madness boiling Wang, a star of the popular comedy.

Chen, who together with Mr. Yen higher “Bodyguards and Assassins”, scattered references to the classic Hong Kong martial arts. But while he hands in anger impressive as Mr. Yen and Wang, “Kung Fu Killer” lacks verve and herbs from their ancestors. So Download Kung Fu Killer Full Movie Free HD Video for PC and Mobile.