Korengal 2014 Full Movie

Korengal 2014

Original Name: Korengal 2014

Genre: Documentary, History

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 6.7

Country: , ,

Release Date: 17 May 2014


Download Korengal 2014 Full Movie and it is a Hollywood Documentary film directed by Sebastian Junger. Sebastian Junger in “Korengal” is a kind of sequel to 2010 “Restrepo,” but it also stands alone as a report on the experience intense and influential American troops in the most dangerous parts of Afghanistan. For the previous film, spent Junger and co-director Tim Hetherington embedded with members of other platoon 503 infantry regiment in the Korengal Valley, known as the Year of “Death Valley”. The new film is structured differently, but both have all the experience of the people, apart from the political and morale of the fighting.

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Junger use some of the recordings made during the time of filmmakers in Afghanistan, where the discomfort and follow the troop patrols and gunfire unnerving. For “Korengal,” he added, later interviews with the soldiers who appeared in “Restrepo”, they think its experiences.Because its emphasis on men who look back, “Korengal” has a little ‘less of a sense of urgency that their pastes, and saw more contemplative. What you may feel about the war, gives Junger a deep empathy with the young American soldiers and their leaders, as they risk everything to protect and provide support to the local population, although some of them can be processed with the Taliban .

The men are well aware of many of the irony of the situation – lighter than most of them are planning to fight in a desert, but in reality Korengal Valley weighs a mountainous area full of beautiful trees in Colorado. A soldier of the view that, under different circumstances, it would be a good ski.
Some men are surprisingly open about the bloodlust that can inspire struggle – has resulted in a career focus on the enemy. The stress of their situation also leads to some pretty dangerous antics during office hours.Perhaps the most obvious paradox is that their terrible experiences of violence and fear in the Korengal produce a strong sense of camaraderie.

The men testified that never become as they had a relationship so intense with their peers, and their descriptions of the fire of those ESPRIT among the strongest moments in the film. Junger not try to understand the big picture. The film is a tribute to the courage, endurance and pain of men with their boots on the ground in a remote location.That said, the director “Korengal” Sebastian Junger whose “Restrepo”, co-director, photojournalist Tim Hetherington was killed, while those in the Libyan civil war in 2011 – is not exactly the same place as he discussed the directors of the first film.

As the title of the new film, which refers to the valley where Outpost Restrepo, “Korengal” the grain size of the fire in the first movie about the life of the modern warrior decreases, with a large, -Table great view life in wartime.When “Restrepo” was interested to pursue the fight is their boredom and bloodshed “Korengal” are interested in these important questions such as the nature of morality and courage. A soldier wondering aloud if God mad at him for some of the things he could do.

There are, of course, some overlap between the two films, resulting in a feeling that sometimes “Korengal” is to provide a film. As one of “Restrepo” viewers are curious about how the soldiers stationed at the top of the mountain Afghan operated portable, portable gaming devices, and other electronic devices, “Korengal” shows the delivery of army helicopter, a generator giant. The new film is thus both smaller and more focused on the details of “Restrepo” also break some of the obsessions of the earlier film techniques, such as operation and taxonomy of weapons and drag to think about the big questions in life.

“Restrepo” I felt like the story of how boys become men. “Korengal” feels like the story of how strangers become family. Junger suggest a brotherhood among other members, perhaps irreparably compromised bound. While the US has Korengal Valley in 2010, leaving unanswered the question of whether it achieves its goals, more than a soldier in “Korengal” he would like to, if I could go back.The implication of this bizarre statements is clear: Not that Korengal was such a paradise; even though nice, was, as many have said, a kind of hell. But the survival of the war – which requires not only cheat death, but the delivery of it – sometimes you can ruin it for something else. So Download Korengal 2014 Full Movie Free HD Video for PC and Mobile.