Johnny English Full Movie

Johnny English

Original Name: Johnny English

Genre: Action, Adventure, Comedy

Language: English, French, Japanese

IMDB Rating: 6.1

Country: , ,

Release Date: 18 July 2003


Download Johnny English Full Movie and it is 2003 Hollywood action, adventure and comedy film directed by Peter Howitt. The film opens with a fantasy sequence where Johnny Inglese (Rowan Atkinson), an inappropriate British secret agent, is “Agent One.”

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Pour into a building derives two guard dogs with toys, eliminated two guards and seduces a woman who threatens him. He awoke from his imagination, as he is for the woman, her friend, Angus Bough (Ben Miller) pillow. After being assured that the door codes English submarine was personal A broker (Greg Wise) goes on a mission.

The audience learns then that Agent One killed in action when his door in a submarine “can not be opened.” A bomb then remove the other agents in the UK, who were all at the funeral of Agent One, leaving only English. No one realizes that the cart, which accelerated the minutes of the previous scenes.

Before his death, became Agent One investigating a plot to steal the Crown Jewels. Along with Rama, English is the case. During the study, English is attracted to a mysterious woman, Lorna Campbell (Natalie Imbruglia), who met in connection with the crown jewels of the recently restored, where English is responsible for safety. The room blackouts and accidentally knocked off the head of security English before groped to fight a criminal in another room, in an attempt to hide it.

Later, Rama and English follows a tunnel and find the jewels, but not to stop the thieves after the accident expelled British magazine of his rifle. Inglese chasing his car, a hearse, but accidentally gets behind the wagon hurt after being stopped by a red light. Convinced funeral procession that discovers is an act of the mourners and the priest before he realized his mistake after another Englishman said the driver of the cart accused. Frame saves pretend that English is an escaped asylum.

The couple discovered the mastermind behind the robbery, the entrepreneur French jail and a descendant of William the Conqueror, Edward Pascal Sauvage (John Malkovich), who helped with the restoration of the crown jewels. Inglese report their suspicions to the head of MI7, Pegasus (Tim Pigott-Smith), but Pegasus, who was a personal friend of Sauvage, dismissing their concerns as absurd and order Sauvage much less English.

In the parking lot, one of the henchmen Attacke Sauvage English and branch, and fled when brittattacke unfair Frame. Against the will of Pegasus, English and Frame infiltrate the headquarters Sauvage parachute, but the English landing in the wrong building, recall identical to the Royal London Hospital. Have several employees and patients at gunpoint, before realizing his mistake.

Inglese activates a DVD player, reveals Sauvage plan to establish himself as king, with an impostor posing as the Archbishop of Canterbury (Oliver Ford Davies). After English accidentally injected with muscle relaxants during a fight with accomplices Sauvage, he and Rama saved by Lorna, who seems to be an Interpol agent in the queue Sauvage (each prisoner was released Sauvage important during the past six months have been employed by a state of its subsidiaries).

Along with Rama, who sneak into a party hosted Sauvage welcome a French ambassador. The muscle relaxants are not brought, inadvertently offends the British Foreign Minister (Jenny Galloway). One of handyman informs German Sauvage, which is converted to Sauvage complain Pegasus suspending English response. Sauvage has decided that English has learned too his original plan, and sends his henchmen to get rid of the Archbishop false and forcing Queen Elizabeth II (Prunella Scales) will sign a letter of resignation to take a gun to your pet.

His company is also in the manner in which the right of the royal family Crown, like many others in succession, so Sauvage automatic heir to the throne. Lorna visit the English in his apartment because his contract was awarded to her and convinces English to participate. They travel in France, infiltrate Castle Sauvage and his proposal to the United Kingdom in a giant prison after saying crowned King. So Download Johnny English Free Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.