House Party Full Movie

House Party

Original Name: House Party

Genre: Comedy, Music, Romance

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 6.2


Release Date: 9 March 1990


Download House Party Full Movie and it is a Hollywood musical and comedy film of 1990. House Party is a comedy involving infectious rap duo Kid ‘N Play. Kid (Christopher Reid) decides to throw a party where you will blow the roof of the joint throwing their skills in rhyme, so he and his friend Play (Christopher Martin) throw a big party, during the game’s parents distance. The day of the party, Kid founded by his father (Robin Harris), and he had to sneak out of the house at the party, where the rapper faces several rivals, and get a group of believers girls. Even House Party follows a standard plot directly from the films of 50s rock & roll, the film is inventive, gives many different twists and turns, while the direction of Reginald Hudlin guaranteed and very funny.

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Kid ‘N Play is nice, but the real highlight is the legendary comedian Robin Harris in one of his few roles screen. House Party played since two sequels and an animated TV series. “House Party” is primarily a musical, and best treated in this spirit. Making a movie characters teenager confuse the issue. Yes, there is a group of black teenagers who go to the same school and meet, and this is his loves and rivalries, and part of having a baby in the house. But the plot is an excuse to create a musical and the movie is wall to wall with exuberant singing and dancing.

The original Hollywood musicals have fallen out of favor. The golden age is long gone, and now gives us renewed both Broadway or movies rock concerts. Only sometimes, in movies like “Saturday Night Fever,” “Dirty Dancing” and “The Little Mermaid”, you get a movie where the dramatic events with live original music and soundtrack creation. In the case of “House Party” is the musical a cloth that is used by director Reginald Hudlin, for teens black with a freshness and originality, which is rare spectacle in modern movies. Almost never see guys all the black in films, and if we make these painted images that are negative or threatening, or impossible to cut.

Young people are not: they are normal children, an average of the universal desire to party and dance. The hero of the film is the Kid (Christopher Reid), a brilliant goofball with a hairstyle that makes Eraserhead looks like a Marine. He lives with his father (Robin Harris), a gruff but friendly discipline that does not seem fair, but I do not think a child should do your homework first party at night. And when a child gets into trouble, must be grounded. Kid will not be connected to ground. As a teenager, he believes that life is literally one day at a time, and that the opportunity has been lost today – especially the ability to meet the bride of his dreams – is lost forever.

He fled from the house, leading to a long night of gentle slapstick, while pursued by her father, police and three athletes in school difficult recklessly offended. The persecutions serve to accentuate the music and dance. A large part comes from the energy of the film the natural action without Reid teenager who will do anything to get you to get the dance. Have a rhythm of center attractive suggest going to think their way through life, instead of making a frontal attack. In his meetings with their athletes from high school, you talk your way out of tight spots, and the technique of seduction with the girls is almost entirely verbal; will be convinced that you want. To his credit, girls, Sydney (Tisha Campbell) and Sharane (AJ Johnson), sometimes seen as almost believe him.

In the area of romance, young people themselves extremely serious that guy should be like taking a change of pace. “House Party” is the first feature film by director and script writer and maker Reginald Hudlin Warrington, brethren, East St. Louis, and is based on a short film Reginald did while a student at Harvard. Like most contemporary Spike Lee is a director who care about black black characters on their own terms, and not feel the need to tell you about an earlier generation of managers on their characters and plots in white society.

His characters are nothing but themselves, and there are times of refreshing honesty here, as with the two boys talking cons of dating a girl in a project (a problem: his family always seems to be around to watch the TV). There is a certain way of damping which some critics have taken to assess new films about black, with points being awarded for the positive image, beneficial substances strengthen and promote the values of the middle class. For “House Party” to describe in these terms would be unfair and you lose all sense of the power of film and joie de vivre. It was nice to see a change in a story about young black does not revolve around social issues, elements of thriller, drugs, or any form of gravity. “House Party” is silly and high spirit and not particularly large, and that is as it should be. So Download House Party Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.