Honey Full Movie


Original Name: Honey

Genre: Drama, Music, Romance

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 5.2


Release Date: 5 December 2003


Download Honey Full Movie and it is 2003 Hollywood drama, music and romance film directed by Bille Woodruff. Honey Daniels (Jessica Alba) works as a waiter, a recording contract and a dancer teacher in a local community center run by her mother in New York.

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Have dreams to make it as a dancer in music videos, honey and rival Katrina (Laurieann Gibson) is included in the dance clubs where previous work. That evening, honey and girlfriend Gina (Joy Bryant) leave the club and find some kids dancing.

Two of the children are introduced to Benny (Lil ‘Romeo), and younger brother Raymond (Zachary Williams). Honey invited to attend classes at the community center, and work together to inspire new dance steps. The young teacher quickly attracts the attention of music director Michael Ellis (David Moscow), providing a job as a backup dancer in her new video Jadakiss. Not impressed by the choreographer today, Michael decides to leave Miel choreograph the video.

Impressed is the honey promoted, and choreography by Tweet, Sheek Louch, Shawn Desman. Honey hairdresser data Chaz (Mekhi Phifer), but have difficulty maintaining community center with its new career choreography. The building is old and falling apart, and the mother struggling to implement it. The decision to do something, honey is an old warehouse sale and decided to turn it into a dance studio for local children.

Its pressure to take ballet training, reject their parents for help with the new dance studio, but Honey get a bank loan, and put a down payment. At the same time launched the idea of Michael’s new video Ginuwine, using children learning at the center as a dancer Ginuwine acts as cities dishes. Appears 25th anniversary Gina, and makes honey plan to go to Atlantic City, but convinces Michael to make an appearance at a party in black and white, but where he drank only make runs.

She rejects his advances, applause and Michael begins a big explosion of what comes out of the lot. Honey and children background dancers for the new video Ginuwine, but Michael is not impressed and decided to replace it with Katrina and black balls companies. Honey friendship with Gina, but tense, improvement, and she helps Miel realize that you can still make your dreams come true.

Honey struggle to pay the first study, and finally, do you have an idea for increasing revenue. A dance anywhere, using scheduled for demolition, the abandoned church for the event. He spends time getting to know Raymond and Jennifer, and is surprised to see Benny go [clarification needed] the wrong path, and visits him in prison. Benny refuses his help and insults. Honey informs him that his mother knows it, and will be saved.

The honey is trying to tell him how it feels to be in jail, but he tells her to leave. He may ask how often to visit his friends and he is visibly distressed your question, knowing that no one visits at all and get them thinking.

Advantage [clarification needed] has a new video for Missy Elliott choreograph Michael Katrina suggests giving opportunity. She refuses and insists Miel choreograph it. Once done watching improvised choreography Katrina, Missy and Michael says that she is not impressed by his arrogance and ideas sexy. It clarifies that she postpone filming his video until Michael shoots Katrina and takes honey to choreograph.

Realizing his mistake, Michael band again honey, ask to work for him, and even offers to buy the studio. She refuses, saying that he will do himself. She also says that he is so arrogant and selfish, as Katrina in the way he behaved in an earlier work that was not only unnecessary, but also made her break many hearts of his students.

Gina got a flyer in favor of honey, and takes him to a bank manager, who calls some donors seem to be favored. The night was a full house, and parents Honey, disapproving mother, Benny and Chaz, among others, participated. While all the dressing and preparation for compliance, in costume, says honey Benny that everything will be fine. Benny’s mother was very impressed with his son and sees the future as a choreographer. Parents of honey is also affected and change themselves to have a ballet master. So Download Honey Free Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.