Hawaa Hawaai Full Movie

Hawaa Hawaai

Original Name: Hawaa Hawaai

Genre: Drama, Family, Sport

Language: Hindi

IMDB Rating: 7.5


Release Date: 9 May 2014


Download Hawaa Hawaai full movie and it is Bollywood 2014 Drama film directed by Amole Gupte. At first glance the plot Eve Eve hypothesis looks gloomy and stale. But the film has the wind in its sails enough to make it across the finish line with time to spare a little effort. To put it in a row and the film is about a boy Dharavi is regrettable that a mountain of obstacles that the power of the dream improbable run by a ski instructor.

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Writer and director Amole Gupte uses standard tropes of the story of the triumph of the loser-slice excited warm sensitive and gives the drama of life. The young man who Hawaii Eve story except the four children on the streets of him come hell or high water completely honest and characters that grow in the audience that the film comes in the way. If he had done so effectively in Stanley Ka Dabba Gupte working with a talented group of kids and give them the opportunity to unleash their enthusiasm is contagious and innocence. Eve Hawaii not only for children because they are not designed for this segment of the public, It’s simple, but not simplistic. How confiscations criticized and treated in this country, but it does it in a way is subtly elegant and laconic. Eve Hawaii, not the average sports movie is not. It is a comment on the different layers of contemporary urban community.