Harry Brown Full Movie

Harry Brown

Original Name: Harry Brown

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Movies

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 7.3


Release Date: 11 November 2009


Harry Brown is an action, crime & drama movie. In London, drew back marine Brown spends his lonesome life within the infirmary, whereas his beloved wife Kath is terminally sick, and playing chess game with his bosom friend Attwell in the Barge hothouse copped to by Sid Rourke. After the end of Kath, Len says his bereaved ally that the local mob is besetting him and he is conveying an old knife for self-protection; the widow man proposes him to go to the police force. As Len is bunked, then knifed to expiry in an below ground transition, Examiner Alice and her mate Sergeant Terry are sent to inquire. They compensate Harry an impose but don’t have good news; the police force have not detected any other grounds, other than the knife, Just to catch the punks. This intend that ought the case go to test the mob would arrogate self-protection. Harry Brown discovers that judge will not be conceded and resolves to take subjects into himself.

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