Godzilla 1998 Full Movie

Godzilla 1998

Original Name: Godzilla 1998

Genre: Action, Sci-Fi, Thriller

Language: English, French, Japanese, Russian, Spanish

IMDB Rating: 5.3

Country: ,

Release Date: 20 May 1998


Download Godzilla 1998 Full Movie and it is Hollywood action, sci-Fi and thriller film directed by Roland Emmerich. then a Japanese fishing boat suddenly attacked by a large sea creature in the South Pacific and survives only a sailor.

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Traumatized, he was interrogated by a French hospital mysterious what he saw, what he replies: “Gojira”. Dr. Niko “Nick” Tatopoulos (Matthew Broderick), a researcher at the NRC is in the zone of Chernobyl in Ukraine, the study of the effects of radiation on wildlife, but suddenly interrupted by the arrival of a Ministry of Foreign Affairs in the United States. Sent to Tahiti and Jamaica, escorted by the military to see the remnants of the Japanese fishing boat restored huge claw discover.

French is also present, watching the scene, and looks like Philippe Roache (Jean Reno), an insurance agent. Aboard a military plane, Dr. Tatopoulos identifies skin samples found in the wreckage belonging to an unknown species. He rejects the theory of the army that the creature is a living dinosaur, instead conclude that a mutant created by nuclear testing.

The giant reptilian creature, nicknamed “Godzilla” by the media, he went to New York a trail of destruction in its wake. The city evacuated when the army trying to kill him, but the first attempt fails. Dr. Tatopoulos is then collected a blood sample and, after performing a pregnancy test, found that Godzilla asexual, she is in heat and collects food for their offspring.

The aspiring journalist and former girlfriend of Dr. Tatopoulos, Audrey Timmonds (Maria Pitillo) discovers a secret military tents indicative of the origin of gecko tape. His boss, Charles Caiman (Harry Shearer), the permission of a band that his discovery means of communication, and the tape was broadcast embarrassed the military to the sensitive nature of the situation.

As a result of this loss generated Header operation. Nick then kidnapped by Roache, who reveals himself as an agent of the DGSE, the French foreign intelligence service. He and his colleagues keep a close eye on developments and intends to cover the role his country into a nuclear accident that generated Godzilla. A nest suspect somewhere in the city, along with Nick to detect and destroy.

After a chase, dive Godzilla in the Hudson River, where he is attacked by submarines for the Navy. After undergoing collisions with torpedoes, depth beast after living disabled. Do you think he is finally dead, the authorities take. Dr. Tatopoulos and special operations team Roache, secretly followed Timmonds and cameraman Victor “Animal” Palotti (Hank Azaria), get through the subway tunnels under the ground in Madison Square Garden.

There are 200 eggs found, finally the nest. While trying to destroy them by planting explosives, eggs suddenly. Feeling human intruders as the food, the young creatures begin to attack. Dr. Tatopoulos, Palotti, Timmonds Roache and refuge in the transmission cabin Coliseum and send a new meeting militarily what happens if the flight offspring warn.

Start a fast response, with an airstrike which the four moments of escape before the sand bombarded. But the adult Godzilla survived the attack with torpedoes first underwater and from the ruins of the garden. The discovery of all their dead children, roaring with rage and chases Dr. Tatopoulos, Roache, Timmonds and Palotti. Roache is an abandoned hut and gives all the streets of Manhattan.

Looking Quartet makes Godzilla finally its way to the Brooklyn Bridge. The creature took in their hanging steel cables, making it an easy target. After being hit with warplanes successful missile (previously bombed the sports field) Godzilla collapses, crushing the cab under the chin and slowly dies.

Roache and the rest of the team, and the people of New York prisoners. Meanwhile, in the garden in ruins, one egg survived the bombings. Baby Godzilla (called Godzilla.jr) hatches and roars into the camera. So Download Godzilla 1998 Free Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.