Ghostbusters 1984 Full Movie

Ghostbusters 1984

Original Name: Ghost Busters

Genre: Comedy, Fantasy, Sci-Fi

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 7.8


Release Date: 8 June 1984


Download Ghostbusters 1984 Full Movie and it is 1984 Hollywood comedy, fantasy and sci-Fi film directed by Ivan Reitman. For many of us, that Ghostbusters may have an anniversary reissue 30, is one of those little frightening reminder of how old it may seem surprising that we have become involuntarily.

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For others it may be a chance to experience a new and bright and flawless one that would often be glimpsed on TV Christmas and time to start and a lot of publicity currently being prepared by director Paul Feig classic.

And for still others, this would be the ability to share a childhood favorite with our monsters – moody and go with them, if not to keep as much as we did. Few who have seen the film are indifferent: has the rare double whammy of being both nostalgic and fresh with deathlessly valuable. How does it work? Especially considering that the characters on the screen itself in any way remarkable fresh at all?

Well, that’s very nice, and because the script is solid jokes, as well as effective management ,, effective plot and his brilliant cast Bill Murray, in particular, was out of line enough. Improvisation Murray has set nonsense here, here or winding favored by Judd Apatow will perish in disgrace; Sometimes you will see the other players comes corp.

The effects, if technically rudimentary by today’s standards, making delicious work and stay exciting and imaginative. Speaking to the public, no joke evident over the heads of the children sarcastic or excessive complicity. In short, Ghostbusters a masterpiece of balance: respect for the genre of science fiction and ridicule fond of it; Entertainment and stupidity; sly humor and wonder with open eyes; the existence of stars and style indie on the heel. Oh, and this issue melody tends to linger in your head.

After college for cheating thrown medium Paranormal Investigations unproductive two geeks and a vague (Dan Aykroyd, Harold Ramis and Bill Murray) build a third mortgage to establish a real ghost busting business in New York City. Meanwhile, a decades-old plan to open a door to a dark dimension to a demigod in the Big Apple just pay, and the first customer of the Ghostbusters (Sigourney Weaver) lives in a corner of the spectrum central attic.

Let the kids-in-pig can save the girl and stop the end of the world with their unlicensed nuclear accelerators, or we are all doomed to die under the feet of a man of about thirty meters marshmallow demon-dog-lover? What can be said about an action comedy paranormal which remains as one of the funniest movies and always fun even thirty years later? The new fans still discover every day, conventions swarms with local chapter houses built Ghostbuster outfits complete with lights and effects, and even toys Mattel has direct oversized replica movie props ready.

The film is still the surest sign of a classic and it is impossible to express a single line of dialogue in a crowd of stacking without random strangers on grants. Thirty years later, it is still voices do another sequel, but no one would suggest a reboot or return visits; Ghostbusters is perfect just as it is.

Originally the idea of ​​the darker more realistic horror movies bordering Dan Aykroyd, Ghostbusters work because of the lack of slapstick; ghosts are real, even in the most absurd and the comedy is inspired by the group least likely of heroes Forrest Gumping his way to save the world. This is a fantasy come true of science fiction; All detectors and equipment ghost in the house look attractive and credible enough to make an impact that slipped in the sequel less fun, that he could not stop blinking work to the public.

RNIE Hudson, Annie Potts, and Rick Moranis, offering bits of character that keeps the audience while Walter Peck William Atherton offers the perfect man straight endure the wrath of Bill Murray smartass. Throw in a 1950 Cadillac hearse last amended vehicles save the normal Ecto-1, and it is not surprising fanmade Ghostbuster movie franchise remains exposed on YouTube today.

One thing that hurts the inevitable sequel was the animated film “The Real Ghostbusters” that the four heroes stylized stories and had more severe, according to the same formula absurd, but that actually made the first film work. The moment Ghostbusters 2 hit the screen, it was this expectation with the story could not do understatement. Materials house has videos on DVD and Blu-ray developed for digital download, but Ghostbusters keeps going.

Sure, there are fun movies that have won more money since then, but that alone is not close enough to the crown of one of the greatest comedies of all time.I fogging born ’81, so you can imagine growing GHOSTBUSTERS has had a major impact on me. Honestly, I do not remember the first time I saw him.

In contrast to the James Bond series, I remember clearly the discovery December 31, 1989, when ABC played Thunderball, I GHOSTBUSTERS memory as you explore. How BACK TO THE FUTURE (which came out a year later) I was always there, and I really can not remember a time when it was not one of my favorite movies. I think that somehow I was the first election sometime in ’85, but over the years I have seen so many times I bet the number is about forty or more.Most this happened probably during my visits high school years, and when I used my best childhood friend Danny see every week.

In fact, Danny was a big fan of the Ghostbusters costumes were replica proton packs, PKE meter, and done – that must have cost a pretty penny because it looked so real. Of course, I also bought the movie on VHS, DVD (twice) and Blu-ray, but until a few years ago, I have never seen on the big screen GHOSTBUSTERS.

Which brings me to the point of this article (please forgive me bury my head). This weekend, the 30th anniversary of the first film, GHOSTBUSTERS, a nationwide rollout in their restored version 4K. Opens practically everywhere and no matter how many times you’ve seen the movie, you owe it to yourself to see on the big screen.

Those of us who grew up with him in the video can tell you what a revelation watching the movie on DVD, which we have been accustomed to a saucepan very cut and version 2 scan spoiled director Ivan Reitman: 35: 1 field of view, and cannibalized the special FX, which was nominated for an Oscar.

If you grew up watching DVD or Blu-ray, you probably have a similar experience to see on the big screen for the first time since GHOSTBUSTERS was always a film is best seen on the big screen with an audience hungry for fans to laugh with all the best lines. So Download Ghostbusters 1984 Full Movie Free HD Video for PC and Mac.