Generation War Full Movie

Generation War

Original Name: Generation War

Genre: Drama, History, War

Language: German

IMDB Rating: 8.5


Release Date: 2013


Download Generation War Full Movie and it is 2013 Hollywood Drama film directed by NA. The core of the problem was that a generation died without leaving too easy, in particular, the generation that built and fought for the Third Reich. The development of a story about the fate of the five best friends 20 years from Berlin, none of which are Nazis and one of these is a Jew, is a convenient fiction, some said.

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But in reality, “The Generation War” nothing more comfortable than some American drama of World War II to do the exact opposite and demonize all Germans turn each, without reservation, a soldier assault foam-in-the-mouth. It is not what people are just as bad as trying to beat the human heart in the chest of the crime is the monster?

“Generation War” is a relative success to explain the atrocities that have been committed. Movies are great fun and very disturbing, in the latter case, the right and wrong reasons. While admirable defines the moral decay as a sign eating like a virus, the film never in the seed of evil.

And maybe that can not be explained. When you open the film is a pity already in full bloom. Over a period of four years from the summer of 1941 until shortly after the German surrender in 1945, is “Generation War” narrated by Wilhelm Winter (Volker Bruch), a young and honorable class of army officers were Oostfront Friedhelm his younger brother (Tom Schilling), a literary soldier and cynical.

With them is Charlotte (Miriam Stein), an idealistic Army Nurse with a love response from Wilhelm. His friends Viktor (Ludwig Trepte), a tailor Jewish, Christian and his girlfriend, Greta (Katharina Schüttler), an aspiring singer, left. With the exception of Viktor, who can read the writing on the wall, all the young people think that the war will end before Christmas, and everything will be normal again.

The story, which denies show naive, increased from three fronts: the war in the trenches, military hospitals right around them and society. Even the director Philipp Kadelbach leans sometimes a little “heavy on cliche which could have done with less painful screams every time the camera cuts to nursing Charlotte sees” Generation War “and sounds good. Performance is sandy credible, and history, as the soap opera sometimes is never less than exciting.

Moral obligations mines located in the paths of all participants. Wilhelm was forced against his principles, to shoot a Russian officer trapped because of Nazi policies for the implementation of communist officials. Greta begins with an SS officer (Mark Waschke) sleep for a safe passage of the document to Viktor.

And Charlotte, a little ‘ambiguous, the rats was a Russian Jew (Christiane Paul) who was in the hospital voluntarily, and has made friends. Viktor is also a decision inevitably called in America, but after leaving his parents.

“Generation War” well distributed screen time each of these stories. It also extends the blame around: The members of the Polish resistance are portrayed as vicious anti-Semitic when they discover that Victor, who had escaped from a train to Auschwitz, the jew.

Later, Russian troops proved to be barbarians rapists. Each of these cartoons, while supporting a range of historical evidence, was criticized by viewers. To be honest, in the end “of the Generation War” for best dramatic story subtle shadow.

Friedhelm evolution is the thread more fascinating. Funky originally transformed with a convincing psychological complexity pacifist in a killing machine, or perhaps a survival machine. At the end of the second film, when Friedhelm hit a child on the run from behind and without scruples, who seems to do anything other than to save himself, but also, at some point, save Viktor.

At that time, it seems Friedhelm lost in his soul that suicide character Christopher Walken in “The Deer Hunter”. The gun can say that in the other hand, but is welded to it.

Greta, meanwhile, finally put in jail for making defeatist comments about the war. His conviction, because it is a fallen woman and Friedhelm moral opportunism, it seems that the most severe punishment, talking about film. In this sense, the film version of the story is not so new or revisionist, after all. E ‘as a retrograde and perverse intoxicating like an old Hollywood melodrama. So Download Generation War Full Movie Free HD Video for PC and Mobile.