Freaky Ali Full Movie

Freaky Ali

Original Name: Freaky Ali

Genre: Comedy, Sport

Language: Hindi

IMDB Rating: 5.2


Release Date: 9 September 2016


Download Freaky Ali Full Movie and it is 2016 Bollywood Comedy film directed by Sohail Khan. Ali plays a lingerie salesman and extortion and completely random Ki Sachem field. When it grew into the game and progress shirts pants dress cheap to luxury and large. Unlike its competitors Jas Aurora rich sessions on Ali, who is basically good at heart. Especially Biwa’s also Arabize Khan knit sweater and MAA friend ca sidekick complete the picture. My friend is a loser heroic done with the sharp tongue and received the movie set. Seething anger and hunger to succeed embedded now in the personality of the avant-garde work, his personality as well.

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