Force Full Movie


Original Name: Force

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama

Language: Hindi, Panjabi

IMDB Rating: 6.1


Release Date: 30 September 2011


Download Force full movie and it is 2011 Bollywood Action film directed by Nishikant Kamat. John Abraham is the ACP who with his team on a mission to end the drug mafia. It managed to do so successfully, but it faces new challenges in the form of (newcomer Representative) Vidyut Jammwal and increased drug lords, and want to control all activities in India. In this battle them while Vidyut lost his older brother (Mukesh Rishi), John is also a price to pay with his life for his lady love (Genelia D’Souza) is in danger.

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Graph line has seen and heard about earlier in dozens of Indian films before. Especially in this kind of “running the police hit Bollywood these stories during the past three decades even. But this film has impressed everyone’s corner drug” that are explored in the film. There are layers beneath layers on top, “and gave Sarfarosh” Aamir Khan last guide. From the source to the target distribution of medicinal thing that makes you glued to the screen as the drama unfolds.

In this regard, the film indicate Cookie entry in a series of important scenes in the film. Four-way scenario, it leads to drug dealers throughout the country played an excellent vision and makes thoughtful. In fact, this is when you remember that “Dum Dum MAARO” have tried to do something like this, but left in the sea, but on the contrary “Forza” can almost get prints for all settings during the funeral, and one of the other factors which have been burning the city with the stage revenge is planned very well and remind us of Ram Gopal Varma “Satya”.

Although this drama makes the biggest impression on the film, one can not ignore the contribution Genelia D’Souza ran almost to the sun, especially during the first half of the film, where he directs the light times. Of course, because you want to see more action rather than a love story, and you feel that your time can be reduced by Juan greater in the second half, especially the track just after the marriage, not only because it breaks the tense story.

This is where you end up really insist that John, who come with their best performance in nearly a decade, what happened on the field yet the film. If the main character in the film, which feels almost every scene in the film, which works very well and is delivered with an appropriate set of expressions as the demand on the stage there.

But it is also compelling because of the reaction solid Vidyut This is easily one of the highlights of 2011. The results not only convincing, but also has the kind of body that makes the threat is still quite cold. Also strange, it is also amazing, but is bad. Genelia on the other hand, the player with experience in the game, expect, good and normal. Monish Behl always reliable as Sandia Mridul connecting door laugh with humorous dialogues.

Music, but it’s easy on the ears, it is unwelcome guest when you want to work numbers / drama remains tense relationship. A matter of fact, of course, is the highlight of the film can be reduced when an increase of 10-15 minutes to make it even easier. Frankly, ending a period ranging roles. The stage before the last, but only sensitive reactions poet can see it.

“Pure brute force” – this is the impression “Force shutdown at the start of the stocks film is always sold as roles action movie star, kicking, punching and shooting is still central to most of history, when the justification is equality and director Nishikant Kamat is when he decided for recreating Tamil hit Kakka Kakka “John Abraham.

A remake of the 2003 Tamil blockbuster Kaakha Kaakha, power is a heady mixture of high-energy romantic airy and work to ensure that there is never a dull moment. Director Nishikant Kamat also go in the way Rohit Shetty-Abhinav Kashyap (Dabangg-Singham) and try the old film, which sticks in an attempt to throw the hero against the evil in many of the sequences of pure testosterone for Mara-Marie formula. And punctuation, romantic and a comma where the macho hero, clumsy with emotions and struggle to a new report strange to find a new passion asked what his relationship with the leaders of kidnapping and not having to break the vehicles.