Fifty Shades of Grey Full Movie

Fifty Shades of Grey

Original Name: Fifty Shades of Grey

Genre: Romance

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 4.2


Release Date: 13 February 2015


Download Fifty Shades of Grey Full Movie and it is 2015 Hollywood romantic film directed by Sam Taylor-Johnson. Fifty Shades of Grey film is R-rated prospective franchisees begin with a female, as his lead and explicitly focus on adult women as the main demographic. It is governed by a woman, a woman, based on a book by a woman.

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Each of these tasks would be abnormal for the current landscape. All of which is almost a statistical impossibility. That is why I hope that this film ends dramatically, if it’s good and what subject. If the end result is still a handful outputs multiplexes each year, erotic female-centered dramas where young actresses for the leaders of their stories as opposed to playing the girl and / or hostage, then the success of Fifty Shades of Grey will be a net positive. In a landscape where even the romantic comedy has become a business man-centered, each sub-genre that actresses to play the lead roles in their stories, with the proviso that all subgenres produce films of varying quality, is a network of positive.

Fifty Shades of Grey is by Focus Features, Michael De Luca Productions and Trigger Street Productions. Universal/Comcast Corp., the distribution of erotic drama of $ 40 million. Tracking this has been all over the map, with initial projections that connect the film four-day holiday weekend draw $ 45 million, while the latest projections go up to $ 60 million. Honestly suggest monitoring may be the victim of a Bradley effect contrary, some prospective public does not want to admit their interest in the film, even if they do not like the possibility that respondents aspiring public can write expressions of interest, but then chick at the “last minute and/or can not go out over the weekend.”

But we know soon, but I would not erase the possibility of a massive front-loaded starting Thursday screenings, so hardcore fans check it as soon as possible and the public rejected. This is the risk of a property like this. It is easy to convince a general viewer to watch a movie Captain America or movie Fast & Furious, or even something like go girl. Except in the film is a kind masterpiece, I can not imagine that much of a boost from “sure to be a part of the phenomenon of” marketing that will surely be revealed by Universal in two weekends.

Fifty Shades of Grey is a particular example of fantasy escapism female. It is a Cinderella story glorified on an ordinary young woman a little “invisible/that catch the eye and attention of a rich and powerful prince. I talked in the past that tax evasion fantasy female differs from the male stereotype escapist fantasy. A responsible and conservative on women engage or selfish and hedonistic pursuits, while the other is selfish boys or men grow just a little bit “and performing a selfless act for the welfare of the people around him and earn their respect without” crew up “too. It’s the difference between Die Hard and Twilight. But slavery erotic drama is something of a female force imagination, where a woman who is in control of themselves and their relationships and the ability to enjoy and the freedom to go.