Fame Full Movie


Original Name: Fame

Genre: Drama, Music

Language: English, Spanish, French

IMDB Rating: 6.5


Release Date: 16 May 1980


Download Fame Full Movie and it is a Hollywood Drama and Musical film of 1980 which is directed by Alan Parker. Ms. Seward, teachers harsh rhetoric from the drill generations literacy students Urbana (Illinois) high school used to tell us that we have the best four years of our lives. We have a groan. Fame is a film that would enjoy it. There are more than a dozen of these talented at the High School for the Performing Arts in New York that the new child and four years later to emerge as the future prinzes Freddie and Benny Goodman, Leonard Bernstein and Ms. Seward. “Fame” is a real gem, exercise and relaxation, a film that was a teenager and “break free” is not, but to study their characters in a completely different environment.

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On the other side of the coin. City, aggressive, play the movie crank against the traditions of the quietest town of Indiana University in “Breaking Away,” “Glory” is all over New York City. And “the rich population of children, and children from the ghetto, and gifted children and children with mothers who think they have a real talent They will all Hooper, for the children of middle school who work more than that, because there is one.” Special “- but the secret is no doubt that to be especially so. The film has a kind of sensitivity to the real life of real people who are not much in most Hollywood productions have.

And any person at any time, go to school, some of the characters admits Glory: The girl quietly flourish, and genius of the class are listed in the basement with electronic equipment, and the child can not read, but he is an artist of natural talent, smartass types of self-destruction , sexpot, boy rich, and so on. Recruited cast of talented young artists in New York, and some of them almost play. Teachers are familiar: the victim, and things are perfect, moody, love and hate. If the nature of the characters seem familiar, and the way in which the film to tell their stories do not.

This is not a film closes his characters in a traditional plot. Instead, the four-year experience, a mixture of dozens of cartoons, loosely organized during the “interrogation”, “first year” addresses, and so on. We arrived on the characters and their personalities and gradually we know, as we see in different situations. The effect is a little “himself high school. Handled as a complete stranger, and when you leave, the school has become their world. When the boys in “Fame”, where children from school in the world, but they are also different because they are good, and the film is at its best when the pressure is especially on young people who have studied more talent mature, experienced or confident.

Specter hangs over everyone in this school is a former student, Freddie Prinz, who has talent, but did not think about how to handle it. The film’s director, Alan Parker, seems to have a knack for isolating only those moments in the lives of his characters as growth, challenge, and talent are all on the line at the same time. Where did you get your knowledge on young talent? Maybe simultaneously released his first, and beautiful “Bugsy Malone” (1976), who was a band with a full range of representatives from the kids. Goodwill is the perfect title for this film.

Creating a distance between irony where these children are now and where you want to be, and one day, and then there are exciting proposals for concern that some who found fame will be able to handle it, and others do not. AME is located in New York City High of academic success of these special schools. The faculty consists of English-sensitive teacher Anne Meara, scholar coach Albert Hague music and dance teacher Debbie Allen Martinet. Casting for the film, Ray, Curreri, Allen and The Hague have been exported to the TV version of the celebrities who appeared for the first time in 1981.

The honor degree film version of Fame Academy Award. In terms of content, this is 1980 R-rated film is much heavier than it is television for young people, which led to the new version of rated PG-2009 – it’s just the right age for older children. In addition to the large number of insults unbleeped (including many forms of “F – k”, which also appears in court, without objection from teachers), viewers will see of the models generally positive at least.

Even Stevie physically smaller than most of the film, a voice carries the film. This is a small thing to throw actress but Barbu handles all wonderful. Antionio Bay is home to more than just women. Tom Watkins progress and masculinity of the film in the form of Nick Castle, a citizen of Antonio Bay, which includes Elizabeth and includes a link to some of the events that occur. Nick provides the glue that holds together most of the characters in the cast, and sometimes, the “man”, even though the whole film of strong female characters who are slim chances.

Best Performance on the male side of Hal Holbrook, looking curiously as Mark Twain, in the role of Father Malone, a priest, a diary of his ancestors, who reveals the truth about Antonio Bay and Elizabeth Dane. But the conspiracy that Father Malone discovered that occupies most of the film, leading to a deadlock in certain cases to show more of the land. Sometimes it feels like the whole movie just to get this machine to print from the barbs in horror. This means that moments of “horror” was put on hold in order to ensure that the public understands how it all fits.

The sad thing is that most of the plot reveals for the first five minutes of the movie in the history of the old fire station. The rest of the show spewing much of what was said. The pace of the film suffers a great result for the biggest weakness in the film. The biggest weakness of the other is that the limits of budget and technology constraints film in 1980 for the film, which is surrounded by a mysterious mist and fog effects it could have been better. how a movie made at that time to improve the impact of changing hand-drawn animation shy, but it requires some “suspended disbelief to buy a fog of smoke.

But when the fog effects of extended functionality mysterious part of the movie. It is a shame that often does not work. Carpenter Technology to the public, although apart from the fear sometimes with what they work well in an attempt to overwhelm the public and intimidate them. Personally, I prefer not to use it. Mysterious figures fade in and out of the fog is a hell of a lot scarier horrible side port no. These ghosts him to second place, but the first is much more effective in the long term. Negative probably lose a degree much higher if it were not for the exposure that the film will dominate. So Download Fame Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.