F.I.S.T Full Movie


Original Name: F.I.S.T.

Genre: Movies

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 6.4


Release Date: 28 April 1978


Download F.I.S.T. full movie and it is Hollywood 1978 Drama film directed by Norman Jewison. Tthe use of materials issued from the date of Hoffa and modern history of the United Workers of America face the mine the director of hands on Norman Judson an epic pop of 30 years old.

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Critical that covers union life fictional did riders between states from weak to have emerged as powerful and corrupt as one of the sectors where the ILO in advance. It offers history as a diorama of the assets of idealism and commitment through the first victories to a point in 1950 when a committee of the Senate and the leadership of Senator John L. McClellan of late has attracted ” and the richness of the unusual ways alien Union he was the nation’s attention this wealth and influence their vehicles under the generalized world.

It is a great film that more than an accumulation of small details than regular eggs or inspiration from a vision benefit. And also played with the conviction of his huge cast. There never any doubt that Mr. Stallone is the star but the other actors were Mr. Jueson not afford to gestures Stallone. The most important are Melinda Dillon courts sewing girl and marry Lithuania Johnny Kovak. David Hoffman and his childhood friend a partner who shared Johnny increase in the beginning but refuse to make concessions. Kevin Conway Another childhood friend Johnny with his introduction to the public and Peter Boyle F.i.s.t. Johnny turned president succeeded in the end.