Escape from Alcatraz Full Movie

Escape from Alcatraz

Original Name: Escape from Alcatraz

Genre: Action, Biography, Crime

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 7.6


Release Date: 22 June 1979


Download Escape from Alcatraz Full Movie and it is a Hollywood Action and Biography film of 1979 which is directed by Don Siegel. For most of its length, “Escape from Alcatraz” is the image of a tense and difficult life in prison strikes. It is a masterpiece of stories that say a small camera and explains the characters work. It is very difficult in those years when the great feelings, which forced to be free, and reflected in the measures minutes, such as stone chipping away with the Clippers bag. The prisoner and chipping makes Clint Eastwood, well suited for the role. He plays a man named Frank Morris, and we know very little, but he escaped from prison and sent to Alcatraz because no one has escaped from the palace. From the beginning, we see why: the warden (Patrick McGoohan) commented on the model of Alcatraz and see the sloping walls of the cliffs and the sea.

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Prisoner (Paul Benjamin), Eastwood says, what happens if you get there: the tide seems to do ten miles swimming, the water is so cold spin arms became numb, and the coast of periods can not access the account between the prisoners. Basically what we have here is a copy of the judgment in the locked room mystery. You can not go, and if you do, die anyway. A challenge such irresistible to these personal Eastwood and lean, muscular solo with great anger. But before the trip itself, we get to know the daily routine of life in prisons and in these sequences that director Don Siegel, show their own talent.

All drivers worked Eastwood, were the two most influential in shaping his character screen Sergio Leone (West dollars) and Siegel (“deceptive Kogan” and “Dirty Harry”). It is also in the territory of “Escape From Alcatraz” for, in his book “The riot in cell block 11 Classic. Siegel form to place this story is a triumph of history. We know prison discipline, and learn the ways of dehumanization inherent in this prison, we find the sadistic guard, and the prisoners said, a talented artist. English, an old black and bitter library account, and hold the mouse for pets.

The development of a very simple escape plan, but Siegel has a good time with the plot element. But the journey itself is a disappointment strange. He was one of the great pleasures of the film “The Great Escape” to see the plan as put down, and then enjoy the distribution. Escape “Escape from Alcatraz”, unfortunately, is usually a matter of hunching down the shoulders and black spots along the ceiling, so that the dark shadows that usually are not sure what something is going on. Thus, the film is not meant to their best start waiting. In “Escape from Alcatraz”, but I think it is unacceptable that there is so much more what is very good in the film.

In the process, the characters and carefully observed details of life in prison, the schedule of events that led to the escape – and we really realize how rare these transactions. No one can escape from Alcatraz, right? Try saying it to Weaver Frank Morris (Clint Eastwood). Head east Donald Siegel Entertainment striker Frank Morris 1962 attempt to blow himself and two other defects in the rock. Eastwood, Morris, tipped with director Patrick McGoohan bad for a while, friendship with a number of his fellow prisoners will be and choose the players who make their escape.

Among his colleagues to leave the Anglin brothers (Fred Ward and Jack Thibeau), who had served in other prisons, and many others who despise their own causes and McGoohan sadistic. Shot in Alcatraz Escape From Alcatraz, the new box office winner for storytelling Eastwood / Siegel renovated. Escape from Alcatraz, “it is not a good movie or skill unforgettable private, but the most obvious needed to do in the same window films and knowledge, as in most other American films of the moment. It is the kind of movies that can be studied in greater profitability in the film sessions that combine all forms of Bergman and Fellini.

It does not mean that Mr. Siegel (“Dirty Harry” and “Beguilded”, “Riot in Cell Block 11”, etc.) of the teachers, but the students film has a way to jump in art while ignorant of the ship. craftsmanship is something Siegel film shows not try the middle. “Escape From Alcatraz” is based, which is a speculation on the true story of a successful escape of the three men from the island prison in San Francisco in 1960. Since the men or their bodies were never found, and many of the movie details and I think work with writer Richard Tuggle and J. Bruce Campbell, who wrote a book about the case.

Mr. Siegel has done is make-believe, a movie of the first class and a decision on the need to move and work in itself. In this case, the action is to escape from “The Rock”, a maneuver of scam difficult to named Frank Morris (Clint Eastwood) and developed with a couple of friends, Clarence Anglin (Jack Thibeau) and John Anglin. In such films, character and function mainly as components of movement. It is a kind of shock you realize that at the end of the film still does not know almost nothing about you, Mr. Eastwood, or why he was in prison to begin with, or something in your outer life.

If someone asks you, “What kind of childhood did you?” The answer enough to the conditions. This brief is the case throughout the film, which opens with Frank Morris Alcatraz escorted under armed guard, late at night, and during the storm. By this system, and the public, and Frank Morris, at home and abroad. The film is entirely in the present tense. We do not need to worry about passing Frank Morris, just what is happening now. So Download Escape from Alcatraz Full Movie Free HD Video for PC and Mobile.