Enough Full Movie


Original Name: Enough

Genre: Crime, Drama, Thriller

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 5.5


Release Date: 24 May 2002


Download Enough Full Movie and it is 2002 Hollywood crime, drama and thriller film directed by Michael Apted. The film begins in a restaurant in Los Angeles, where a waitress named Slim (Jennifer Lopez) works with his best friend, Ginny (Juliette Lewis).

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Makes romantic advances of a client who makes fun of his name. It seems however that the client was trying to sleep with him if it was part of an initiative displayed by a man named Mitch Hiller (Billy Campbell).

Soon after, Delgado falls for Mitch, married with a son named Gracie (Tessa Allen). Years later I discovered Delgado Mitch had an affair with a woman named Darcelle. She confronts him and he admits, but also insist Darcelle means nothing to him. Delgado gets angry and threatens to leave, Mitch is furious violently beaten and kicked in the face.

He gives a warning, saying that making money and can do what you want, it is proposed that an open marriage. Mitch refuses to leave the relationship if they want to fight him. The next day, the mother Delgado trust Mitch (Janet Carroll), ask what he did to Mitch angry, so he has a history of abuse. Ginny says Mitch Delgado goes, but Delgado wants to harm Gracie.

When you come to school Gracie, only to find Mitch had already collected. The panic that Mitch could leave town with her, she calls Mitch, who tells him that Gracie at the zoo. That night, at dinner, purple confidence Mitch thin mother during her stay at the front of Gracie civilians. After earning enough, Delgado plans to escape. But while the loss last night, Mitch frustrated grab the hair.

Falls and starts to kick in the chest, while Gracie slept on the couch. Fortunately, thin friends are away from home. Let Mitch threatening them with a gun, before Phil (Christopher Maher) Gracie collects used as control, while the incentive to find his father. Not able to get the man with Gracie shoot, increases Mitch Slim. Withdrawals thin cheap motels have their credit card from Mitch had frozen.

But it’s only for a short period before Mitch follow. Delgado then go on the flight to Seattle, where her ex-boyfriend Joe (Dan Futterman) with some friends Mitch disguised FBI agents investigating a kidnapping shown in Joe’s house. Joe leaves behind and they need money, go to their father (Fred Ward). The man, named Jupiter, gives only $ 12, think about the money and want the homeless.

Sheets, insensitive Jupiter and moves with Gracie in Michigan. But after Jupiter threatened by men Mitch decided to help. He sends enough money for a house. I tend to buy a house and changed its name in Erin Shleeter. The future looks bright, even after visiting Joe Mitch these tracks and falls Slim. This time, she prepared with pepper spray and an escape plan.

Persecution between Smart and a friend of Mitch (Noah Wyle, customer Mitch “saved” Smart from the start of the film had flown in a tactic of them) will be created, while Gracie screaming in the background. Realizing that he can not live your life in fear, hiding in San Francisco Delgado takes a woman who looks like she keeps her wrapper, and send Gracie vacation in Hawaii with his best friend to take him out of danger. She herself is prepared with a self-defense trainer (Bruce A. Young), who teaches Krav Maga, since self-defense is not murder.

It tells you that the hardest lesson – as she fights, stick to your voice and awaken the attack or stairs. We return to Los Angeles, shortcomings in the new home of Mitch and you are there, after hiding weapons and blocking telephone connections, so we can not call the police. If you say you can not beat them, wondering why he could not do before, when he was helpless.

In the battle Delgado use their new skills, defeating Mitch wrong. She calls Ginny says that he can not be dead, and while distracted Mitch struck in the back with a lamp. Delgado repeats what he has learned in their courses and trips, strikes and kicks him in the chest that sent him from a balcony of his death. She calls the police, who control his actions as self-defense. So Download Enough Free Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.