Downfall 2004 Full Movie

Downfall 2004

Original Name: Der Untergang

Genre: Biography, Drama, History

Language: German, Russian, Hungarian

IMDB Rating: 8.3

Country: , ,

Release Date: 16 September 2004


Download Downfall 2004 Full Movie and it is a German Biography and Drama film which is directed by Oliver Hirschbiegel. In the dark night of the, the and private security forces through the woods accompany a group of people to the Wolf’s Lair, Hitler’s headquarters in women. They are candidates for the post of personal secretary Führer. Them Traudl Jung aged 22 years, a new face of the girl from Monaco. Traudl is chosen for this position, and it is overcome with joy at the thought of his service Fuhrer. Berlin, April 20, 1945: Hitler’s retreat to the cache system under the German Chancellery.

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Traudl Jung asleep in his room, in the depths of the earth. Wake gunfire vibration. The enemy is approaching. Mapping of the last 10 days in the life of Hitler, a birthday suicide April 30 film uses more characters to show the state of chaos in the country comes to the unit, the trust between the streets of Berlin, soldiers and civilians fighting and dying, as the Soviet army destroyed the city during Hitler. “Fall” takes place almost entirely in the bunker in Berlin, where he spent and his circle in recent days.

And he died. Only to the collapse of the Nazi defense of Berlin, showing the misery of the people and burn the bodies of Hitler, Eva Braun, Joseph and Magda Goebbels. Otherwise, the occupation of a maze of corridors of concrete, illuminated with stiffness, with a fixed rhythm and forth assistants, clerks, guards, and the family dog Hitler Blondie. I remembered very strange to September Gorge “boat”, which occurred mainly in the submarine. Our entry into this closed world is Traudl Jung (Alexandra Maria Lara), was employed by Hitler as a secretary in 1942 and witnessed the fall of Hitler in the body and the mind.

Wrote a memoir of his experience, which is one of the sources of this film, and “blind” (2002) was a documentary on his memoirs. In the clip at the end of “ruin”, was filmed before his death shortly, says she feels now they have more than they have learned about the crimes the Nazis. But how many of Trustees everyone was impressed by the power of the employer and the information is not included in the circuit. However, he could see, and everyone can see that Hitler was a madman. Friendly sometimes seen sometimes, and sometimes screaming in a fit of anger, but be sure to disconnect from reality.

Against the general facts about God, personal magnetism, and blind loyalty to his aides, the movie is the way the world works in the basement. All power flowed from Hitler. Was a mistake, angry, and sick, but after a long period of war, remained Hitler become lost in fantasy. Banging on maps, screaming alarm, did not move more troops, ordered the leaders of the dead were counted in the rescue and placebo soldiers. This was crazy did not influence the decisions of the assistants, and Joseph and Magda Goebbels, who decided to stay with him, and suicide if too much.

I do not want to live in a world without National Socialism” Mrs. Goebbels said, and she does not want her six children live, either. In disgustingly sad scene, she gives them all a sleeping pill, and then one by one, and put cyanide capsule in his mouth, forcing the jaws closed with a soft but audible narrow. His oldest daughter, Helga, feel there is something wrong. Probably knows the murder. Then Magda sits on a solitaire game before and Joseph suicide. However, Heinrich Himmler wondered: “When I met Eisenhower, did Hitler salute or shake his hand?

Hitler, played by Bruno Ganz, the gentle spirit of “The desire Wings,” the eyes of a romantic or sad tired of many of the than 30-year-old ideal roles. Here we do not recognize at first, and bowed, withered, with an infected left hand fluttering behind his back like a bird trapped. If it was not for the 1942 scenes where it’s supposed Frau Junge secretary, and we will not be able to think. He uses his hands like claws crawl maps of the battlefield, he confirms his generals that this case is impossible, or save them.

If not, too. “If you lost the war, it does not matter if the German people survive’ll demolish them.” War, and was disappointed him, crying even treason, a lie, a traitor. Frau Junge and two bunk beds in a small concrete room, secretarial and hidden cigarettes, which can not continue to smoke Hitler. Hosting await death, his mistress Eva Braun (Julianne Kohler) heads meals along with fine china and crystal. Only for the involvement of Hitler seems, if not a labor party. Although we have heard his speeches and rants about Jews.

Russians and his generals traitors and paranoid delusions, Brown is really able to transfer Gang, at the end of “He only talks about dogs and vegetarian meals does not want to see the person inside of it.” See all tricks at all: stripped and exposed by his own anger. “Fall” for the first time in Toronto in 2004 and was one of the nominees for an Oscar this year for best foreign film. It is inspired presented considerable debate about the nature of Hitler. It is a mistake to see it, after all, not an animal of the human race, but just like any other human being? So Download Downfall 2004 Full Movie Free HD Video for PC and Mac.