Don 2 Full Movie

Don 2

Original Name: Don 2

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama

Language: Hindi, German

IMDB Rating: 7.1

Country: ,

Release Date: 23 December 2011


Download Don 2 full movie and it is 2011 Bollywood Crime film directed by Farhan Akhtar. Then, conquered the Asian underworld, Don (Shah Rukh Khan) now his eye on European domination. In his way are the existing European underworld leaders and all who are responsible for supervision. Action shifts from Kuala Lumpur to Berlin without the need assassination or arrest, whichever comes first, to prevent his plan to succeed. Graceful and elegant and refined as hell, the Indian super Shah Rukh Khan always interesting to see on the screen. Sometimes there is a need for action, however, to see Khan at slip, and without the second.

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Khan highest scenario Farhan Akhtar met in an attempt to irresistible fun, but I choose the 2006 film, which was a remake of the popular 1978 film of the same name starring Amitabh Bachchan catch. On the basis of the appeal Khan, Priyanka Chopra and Boman Irani and Costar Akhtar, it has been below 2 successes in India and playing as a starter for the high-level Indian film in the United States. In the first film, Khan plays the dual role of a ruthless crime without the Lord and Vijay, the provincial center that recruited to replace. Movie Magic former abundance Khan used to draw the audience, and when it was clear that he was in fact no Vijay (Vijay tradition, a tradition without), with the presence of development in the end everything clicks.

A good soundtrack by Shankar Ehsan Loy, also known songs “Main Hoon Don” and “Aaj Ki Rat”, as used later in Slumdog Millionaire. Without losing any one person is still able to continue to reduce the film as flashbacks Akhtar peppers. Technically Don 2 is excellent, with good use of the facilities in Germany and Malaysia. Glory cinematographer Jason West (who also appears in the role of drug screw), and returned composers Shankar Ehsan Loy, Swain Rachika fight choreographer and fashion Oodedra Jamail Khan and processing in a number of leather jackets and wool designs expressed civility and grace of character.

Khan script and performance – but a long time, but 2 is smaller than that in two important ways. Akhtar, who has the ability to innovative Chahta Dell (2001) showed, and has since continued a successful career with a low active again on the tired tropes: the film thrown cigarette butts in slow motion, and every match ends with one-off one-liners. Chopra plays a cop named Vijay loved Rome and even now, after five years, and burned in the treason, but has not fully developed and the relationship between them.

Despite the strong performance Chopra, Iranian guest star and Om Puri, and the biggest disappointment of the film is the characterization without Khan. He can do the work with expert skill and physical scenes, but Khan can not play without a smile pure evil. The role requires a very light touch. Amitabh Bachchan was a remake of the classic no risk in itself. Not only is it one of the most famous Bachchan signs, but also for films like Sholay, Don, AMAR AKBAR Anthony, Dewar, Trishul, MUQADDAR KA Alexander and much, much more] re-cinema definition in 1970 and 1980 and hilarious step choose the level of challenge and try a new version of the success of DON with Shah Rukh Khan.

Sal Bad Bunch, Farhan and his team of writers decided to take the concept further DON 2. I really feel that the effect should not be attempted, if you do not have to tell a compelling story. This time, hilarious pick completely new concept, with bandages classical works, stunning visuals, making it an international reputation and … | believing in second place and do better than the first. Furthermore, the charm of the film for me, and the Bourne series Bond very clear.

While he was in abundance, which was both the first part to give [because it was a new edition], is totally unaware of what’s in Serbia for the future. This is the part of the film, which ignites attention from. You can not say what will be the next step in Don. If the wheels are developed, you realize that a cool head. You can not mess with it. And “dangerous to try. Have the agenda. The same goes for Rome [Priyanka Chopra], engaged in the troubled relationship with Don. It is the search for cat and mouse.

Seen in isolation, seem DON 2 be an appropriate package to attract afford to go to the movies – SRK in top form, a narrative style with the hand, and the action button and exciting and energizing. But it is not without its share of hiccups. The fact is that the initial and subsequent periods, and parts of the film is equal to two sides of the same coin. The first time dull, and the other is active. The first hour is the lack of passion, the other at the border. The first developed as weak, and the other is frantically in different times of adrenalin.

DON 2 begins in Thailand and moved to Malaysia. Without [SRK] turned to the police [Om Puri, Priyanka Chopra] and in a prison in Malaysia. It will face his old foe Vardan [Boman Irani]. Without a plan to escape with Vardan also success. They are in Zurich, then in Berlin. The reason for this is the theft of paintings currencies. It is an impossible task, but without the help of the pirates [Kunal Kapoor] to implement their plans.