Rodrigo Cortés Movies

Down a Dark Hall

Movie Name: Down a Dark Hall

Genre: Drama, Fantasy, Thriller

IMDB Rating: 6.3

Movie Summary:

Download Down a Dark Hall full movie and it is 2017 Hollywood Drama film directed by Rodrigo Cortés. The project is based on the 1974 novel by Lois Duncan. Meyer and Meghan Hibbett will produce …

Red Lights

Movie Name: Red Lights

Genre: Drama, Mystery, Thriller

IMDB Rating: 6.2

Movie Summary:

Download Red Lights Full Movie and it is 2012 Hollywood Thriller film directed by Rodrigo Cortés. I hint this because Tomorrow, When the , Stuart Beatties adjustment of John Marsdens immensely popular juvenile-fiction franchise, is …


Movie Name: Buried

Genre: Drama, Movies, Mystery, Thriller

IMDB Rating: 7.0

Movie Summary:

Buried is drama, mystery and thriller movie so that people must enjoying to watch that film. Paul is a U.S. truck driver working in Iraq. Afterwards an assault by a group of Iraqis he awakens …