Death House 2017 Full Movie

Death House 2017

Original Name: Death House

Genre: Horror

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 6.4


Release Date: 2017


Download Death House 2017 full movie and it is Hollywood Horror film directed by B. Harrison Smith. Two federal agents to fight through the nine levels of hell in a secret prison known as the Death House. A break in the prison throughout the house make your flight on a tour of the horrors that moves toward the ultimate evil in the lowest depths of the earth. The House of Death entertainment factory is to wrap filming in Philadelphia, PA.

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With the release of these photos and the film comes to an end, I hope that the first trailer is just around the corner. Director Harrison Smith has already said that the death house mix Assault on Precinct 13 roughness of blood Saw and effects of Jurassic Park. Other classic Escape from New York, Resident Evil and The Wizard of Oz also provided the inspiration for this unique history. Discover the first images of the Death House and keep clear eyes for the first trailer. Under the name “Expendables of Horror”, the film explores a number of legendary names like Dee Wallace, Barbara Crampton, Kane Hodder, Tony Todd, Bill Moseley, Michael Berryman, Debbie Rochon, Sid Haig, Bill Oberst. Official surprises. The film also presents the latest original Leatherhead, Gunnar Hansen, who died in November 2015 after filming ended. Many of these stars are shown in the first picture, courtesy of Dread Central. Produced by Rick Finkelstein Factory Entertainment and Steven Chase Death House directed by B. Harrison Smith. Smith wrote the screenplay based on an original story by Texas Chain Saw Massacre legend, the late Gunnar Hansen.