Dawn of the Dead 1978 Full Movie

Dawn of the Dead 1978

Original Name: Dawn of the Dead 1978

Genre: Drama, Horror

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 8.0

Country: ,

Release Date: 24 May 1979


Download Dawn of the Dead 1978 Full Movie and it is Hollywood Horror film directed by George A. Romero. More explicitly, this is faster and more secure technically Night of the Living Dead (1968), and the second part of a trilogy of horror films tells the harrowing story of corpses rising from the grave as a zombie cannibal army of the dead to eradicate human life if you do not stop smoking. “Dawn of the Dead” is one of the best horror movies ever – and thus inevitably one of the ugliest E ‘horrible, disgusting, filthy, violent, cruel and horrible is (sorry for a second while I think .. List my second) produced a brilliant, funny, fierce and relentless in his satirical vision of American consumerism.

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One said that art should be plenty. There is a mysterious plague sweeping the nation, making the newly dead to rise from their graves and wander the earth, driven by an insatiable appetite for raw materials. It offers no explanation for this behavior – in fact, what explanation would be enough? – But there is a time when one of the survivors intones solemnly: “If there is no more room in hell, the dead walk the earth.” Who is the date? George Romero, who wrote and directed “Dawn of the Dead”, a sequel to his book “Night of the Living Dead”, which was released in 1968 and still have to play the middle of the night like a cult classic circle.

If you see a “night” will be remembered as a terrible horror movie from these horrific images zombies tear the flesh of the members of the mark. “Dawn” contains many scenes like this, and more graphics, more powerful and color. They are just more powerful, because there are a lot of people who do not want to see this movie. You know who you are. Why do not you still reading? Well maybe because there are some “horrible voyeur in all of us. We want to be scared. We want to have a good feel uncomfortable.

It’s just that we say we do not want to go too far the film. What is too far? “The Exorcist”? “The Omen”? George Romero’s intention to disappear in “Dawn of the Dead.” Trying very aware of the ways that may influence the picture to us, and as we sat through the film (most people can not) make wonderful discoveries. One is that the fate of zombies that destroyed the wholesale of all the horrible way possible, does not affect us too much after a while, “I did not write them to death, after all: they died, I am too.”. A little comic, swaying above the mall and try to painful lift. Romero brings us to the steps of humor.

We relaxed, we laughed, we satire at all, and then – prisoners! Another bar, just as we were waiting for. His story begins in a TV studio where the channels chaos transfer idiots are desperate misinformation (emergency broadcast system converts much better). He attacked the National Guard troops box lists the zombies. We are 10 minutes from the violence does not stop when the story is set in the saga of the four survivors to land a helicopter on the roof of a suburban shopping center heads, dig in against zombies.

The final destination is not interesting, for example, their behavior in the meantime, there’s nothing like the plague of zombies delicious focus your attention on what really matters to you. Romero has his own ideas as well, and the center is the perfect place to hold a series of humorous and satirical situations: some sadness, wonderful and hidden. But you might ask, how can I defend this garbage depraved? I do not advocate. I praise her. Not damaged, although some people may be seen as such.

And “corruption. If you can look beyond the immediate effects of the pictures Romero, you can experience the film more than just a violent ends, worrying that can happen: the zombies in “Dawn of the Dead”, and not the corrupt idea. They are simply acting according to their nature, and poured the blood dripping from between the jaws is impeccable. Corruption is healthy survivors, and immorality becomes true when two bands of human survivors fight to the mall: Now, struggling legs! But “Dawn” is more complicated than that, because the survivors have the courage, too, and sometimes part of the nobility and a sense of humor, loneliness and fear, and they are totally different from us.

There is a small group of snipers SWAT, a helicopter pilot and a journalist in his attempt to save the life of an unspecified time in the post-apocalyptic hell that was after the Living Dead. End up in the desert of the mall where they are in a virtual paradise for consumption, and defend against attacks and zombies, and there is a gradual loss of the spirit. If I had to describe Dawn of the Dead, in one word, it would be angry. But since the open balls and finish the wall. In the first scene of one of the coolest horror set pieces was never SWAT team launched the invasion of a house in the Jewish Quarter, who can not accept the facts hoarding his death.

When a team is struggling awkwardly in shape, all hell breaks loose, literally. Zombies break through walls, floors and decimate the team. A bit claustrophobic terror that only works for Tom Savini Gore beautiful makeup and endurance of the attack. The fact that at least many excellent pieces of the holder appearing in the film a big part of the ship, which he said the entry of the film. But Dawn of the Dead extreme in its horror, it is more daring in his black comedy. Many have wondered why George Romero films do not become the dominant force. It’s simple: It is very scary to curse. So Download Dawn of the Dead 1978 Full Movie Free HD Video for PC and Mobile.