Dark House Full Movie

Dark House

Original Name: Haunted

Genre: Horror, Thriller

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 4.7


Release Date: 4 March 2014


Download Dark House Full Movie and it is 2014 Hollywood Horror film directed by Victor Salva. Dark House tells the story of Darrode Old House, where Janet Darrode ran a shelter for children, and then all were killed. The film begins with a young woman who comes to the house the day of the massacre and uncover the bloody crime scene. Fourteen years later, the girl and student Claire Thompson, a local actress to see her therapist about an experience he had in the house to the left undisturbed. He suggests that the old house is valued, but could not get past the door never been.

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When magnate horror Walston Rey are shown in class performance improves, shows that the house has become an attraction of terror, and who want to take Claire and her classmates to act as host to its charm. Claire sees the opportunity as a chance to go into the house, surrounded by colleagues in a secure way. Home Walston and his staff are proud of their system holographic three-dimensional figures interactive and harmless creates realistic terror, but when the ghost lady Darrode into the system, the holograms are real and are activated by fear. They start killing everyone inside as survivors try to shut down the system and try to escape.

Claire is finally able to remember what happened in the house for several years. She was promoted under the care of Mrs. Darrode, which was a violent religious fanatics. If a child one day Claire led a revolt among the other children. They burned the Bible and rejected the teachings of Mrs. Darrode. Miss. Darrode mounted psychotic rage and killed all the children, sinners and heretics labels, except Claire, who only managed to escape by hiding in a closet. Then beaten with remorse for what he had done, put Mrs. Darrode hands in waste and kitchen committed suicide. The day after the call, Claire lost her fear and fly to Miss. Darrode, he disappears. It was discovered by the police, who believe she was responsible for the murders and committed to a mental hospital.

A few minutes of “Dark House” is sadly obvious that the lack of imagination shown by the title will not be compensated by the ideas off-the-rack crumbly content.Grabbing creepy mansion in the forest, “Deliverance” local style, the young man tormented by a strange mental power director, Victor Salva, is the plot of a silly sound. Incidentally, the less said the better, so I’ll just point out that the young man said, his pregnant girlfriend and a few friends head interchangeable in these forests and a settlement, both biblical and crazy. Votes leaky pipes, bodies hanging from a tree and three-legged dog is a trifle. No one is so unintentionally funny as the army of henchmen ax in his hand, moving in unison squat sideways, like a chorus line of cavemen from a musical by Mel Brooks.

Mr. Salvatore, it’s a long way down “Jeepers Creepers” a little scary respectable 2001 actually increased moments of panic and a semblance of logic. Here, instead of terror, fainting we lead and supporting actors to pause for sex, while surrounded by demons killer. Unfortunately, the only thing that the public is likely to find horrible act. Whether the possibility that some of these people could make another movie.

It is not fair to suggest that the filmmakers have no imagination. If anything, the opposite is true. Best known for “Jeepers Creepers” Monsters franchise, the first installment represented by at least a minimum goodness eerily director Victor Salva and his writing partner, Charles Agron has a portmanteau of madness produced in this project.

I would have liked to be a fly on the wall during one of its brainstorming sessions. No idea was apparently rejected. There is enough material for five horror movies here.

The main character, Nick, is a class clairvoyant; It has the ability to predict extreme violent people with a simple touch. When his mother’s mental illness died in a suspicious fire, are happy to hear that the owner inherited the property, which is drawing pictures of his entire life, without knowing why Nick. And why are you so excited? Not that they want this obviously happy long to live, but he hopes that the clues to the identity of her father, whom she never met provide.

Here’s a tip: if the father the mother seems to whisper through the air vent in his cell asylum and whispers do not want him to hit him again.

The rest of the story is even crazier. Nick, with his pregnant girlfriend, Eve, and best friend, Ryan. Seth, who does not like visitors, commands a small army of thugs armed with ax in waterproof Lope pull the gardens of the property in a march knuckles that make them look like extras from “Planet of the Apes” movie.

The film will get more cliché of demons is as diverse Bible, after the paranormal and numerological significance of the number 23. This number is also high on the movie “Jeepers Creepers” Save place. So Download Dark House Full Movie Free HD Video for PC and Mobile.