Crimson Tide Full Movie

Crimson Tide

Original Name: Crimson Tide

Genre: Action, Drama, Thriller

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 7.3


Release Date: 12 May 1995


Download Crimson Tide Full Movie and it is 1995 Hollywood action, drama and thriller film directed by Tony Scott. In post-Soviet Russia, civil war broke out because of the armed conflict in Chechnya.

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Russian military loyal to the ultranationalist Vladimir Radchenko, the units have taken control of a plant of nuclear missiles and nuclear war threatens, while the Americans or Russians governments try to confront him.

A nuclear submarine of the US Navy, the USS Alabama, assigned to a patrol mission in place to launch their missiles in a preemptive strike on Radchenko trying to feed their missiles. Captain Frank Ramsey (Hackman) is the commander of the submarine, one of the few masters left the US Navy with combat experience.

Select as the new President, Lieutenant Commander Ron Hunter (Washington), who has a background in military history and tactics, but no combat experience. During his early days at sea, is clearly due to a conflict of personalities more analytical, cautious Hunter tension between Ramsey and Hunter, in contrast to approach more impulsive and intuitive approach Ramsey.

Alabama has received at the end of an emergency and ordered the release of ten of their missiles against Russian nuclear facility, based on information from satellites operated Russian missiles. Before Alabama can launch their missiles, begins receiving a second message from the radio, but it is cut by the attack of an Akula class submarine of the Russian faithful Radchenko.

Electronics Radio injured in the attack and can not be used to decode the second message. Confirmed with the last to launch Captain Ramsey decides to move on. Hunter refuses procedures required to attend because he thought that the second partial message can be a retraction.

Hunter says that Alabama is not the only US submarine in the area, and if not revoked, launched another submarine missiles by the doctrine of redundancy standard fleet. Ramsey argues that other American submarines were destroyed.

When Hunter refuses to accept Ramsey tries to relieve him of duty and replaced by another official. Instead Hunter recommended the arrest of Ramsey to try to circumvent the protocol. The fidelity of the crew is divided between Hunter and Hunter Ramsey but initially takes over. The Alabama once again attacked by the Russian submarine. Alabama has destroyed, but not before the Russian submarine fired two torpedoes.

The fog, but the second hit Alabama, where both their communication and propulsion and flooding the bilge main bay. The crew desperately trying to repair the damage. Three crew members are trying to stop flooding county Bay, but Hunter Bay and men are kept out of the excess water will be taken to be able to climb when the propulsion has been restored.

Men can not leave, and Hunter ordered closed when the people are left to drown. Just before the Alabama reaches the depth of the hull crushing, is propelling the network and end Hunter go to the sub near the surface of the restoration of communications and message interruption when repairs are completed received.

While Lt. Dougherty, faithful in Ramsey, organizing a mutiny against hunters with Zimmer and Westgard lieutenants in tow. They try to recruit Lieutenant “Weps” Ince Weps but is hesitant, he was a friend to Hunter for a long time and the feeling may be right.

Ramsey and other arms and reopen the bridge Hunter. Ramsey then continue with missile launch backlog and committed missile lock button on the bridge. Hunter flees his arrest and win support from Weps in rocket fire control further delayed. Ramsey leaves the dock and Weps trying to force open the safe with the trigger firing. So Download Crimson Tide Free Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.