Conan the Barbarian 1982 Full Movie

Conan the Barbarian 1982

Original Name: Conan the Barbarian

Genre: Adventure, Fantasy

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 6.9


Release Date: 14 May 1982


Download Conan the Barbarian 1982 Full Movie and it is a Hollywood Adventure and Fantasy film of 1982 which is directed by Milius. John Milius in chauvinism direction and pulpy screenplay fit perfectly into this film version of the story of Robert E. Howard fantasy, sword and sorcery hero Conan the Barbarian. In addition to producing work of heavy metals Mulius Arnold Schwarzenegger lead, and it would be fatal in other contexts, but in this case (as in Terminator) corresponds very well to this project sounds. The story begins when a group of parents fury warriors massacre of young Conan and children enslaved for years at the wheel of pain.

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Wheel of pain and seems to want to build muscle Conan, so it is not surprising that grows in the day to Conan Arnold Schwarzenegger. As the sole survivor of the massacre of children Conan freed from slavery and taught martial arts for self-old. Turned into a killing machine, Conan travels into the wilderness to avenge Thulsa (James Earl Jones), who is responsible for killing family man. In the desert, Conan treats Valeria (Sandahl Bergman) and Saturday (Gerry Lopez) thieves.

Trio met a strange snake worship, associated with death, and Conan want to emigrate from the mountain resort of death to kill him. But he was prevented from re Osrik (Max von Sydow), who wants to help the trio of warriors to save his daughter, who joined the condemnation of the hill. Not since Bambi’s mother died in a smart movie for kids “Conan The Barbarian” was. It is not intended to just a film for children, and, of course, and I think many other movie fans appreciate. I really loved me, and I, and a couple of swords and leather jackets go far.

But “Conan” is the perfect fantasy for a teenager aversion. Consideration: The killing of my father Conan brutally by the evil Thulsa Doom, which clearly puts them astray. The child is at the wheel of pain that moves in circles for several years to connect, a metaphor for the school. Children’s awesome build muscle so that I could be a professional footballer feet. One day I was released. Go Subotai Mongolian, which is an example of the genre classics – best friend – and Valeria, Bandit Queen, who is the best true friend.

Valeria is everything you would expect of a woman, if you are a teenager muscle, of course. It’s lean and muscular and big sport, and you can drive your car, shooting, stabbing, railings, climbing ropes, even when he was a child. Sometimes busy with thoughtlessness of love, but you can tell he just kidding, and recovers quickly to talk about loyalty and betrayal coverage – more centralized feelings of experience and maturity Conan. With the Mongols and the queen by his side, and companies are now trying Conan evil Thulsa death and revenge for the death of their parents.

This requires him to travel to the mysterious East, where he learns a little “fast kung fu, and then to the side of the mountain, where fears beliefs are slaves of the priests at the top of the mountain to him from power. There are a lot of battles and some interesting nights in bars oil and in general, which carries from pristine. “Conan The Barbarian” is actually a representation of nearly perfect from the legend of Conan, the story of Robert E. Howard, Superman that behind the clouds of the time, when people were very clean, experienced directly and simplicity on a 1930 magazine pulp writer can write about them in a penny a word and I do not need to pause to reveal their motives.

Fusion of the film is good. The cast Arnold Schwarzenegger inevitably with Conan, and Sandahl Bergman as Valeria. Physically, it seems to reflect the technical question of themselves. Lucky also creates characters versions of entertainment. For them, the film is not without some quiet humor and cunning than ever allowed to deliver. Schwarzenegger Teutonic accent lighting is actually an advantage because Conan lived, of course, for centuries before an American accent. The film is a triumph of production design, set decoration, special effects and make-up.

In a time winners prove more big box office on the latest technology, “Conan” is among the best. Ron Cobb, some underground cartoonist who made the project to produce this film (and “exotic”), which oversees the efforts of individual frames actually resembles a giant slabs of books “Conan” Marvel Comics. From that Conan can be ridiculously easy to see, and it’s quite a feat. But there is one aspect of the film that bothers me. This is the manipulation Thulsa death, the villain. It is played here by the talented black actor James Earl Jones, who gives strength and conviction of the role that seems equally inspired by Hitler, Jim Jones, the golden finger.

But Conan and death are at the top of the mountain of energy, which for me was annoying instead of watching this show North Superman black, and if the head judge cut and contempt thrown down the stairs in the blond muscle Conan, I found myself thinking that Lenin Riefenstahl will control the stage, and it would Goebbels and patted. Considered too sensitive? Could be. But when the paste Conan appeared in 1930, have flooded the characters somehow the same kind of super race Norse mythology that has been routed through Germany. So Download Conan the Barbarian 1982 Full Movie free HD Video for PC and Mobile.