Commitment Full Movie


Original Name: Dong-chang-saeng

Genre: Action, Drama

Language: Korean

IMDB Rating: 6.8


Release Date: 6 December 2013


Download Commitment Full Movie and it is 2013 Action film directed by Hong-soo Park. Star boy band plays an anti-hero in the struggle “Beth,” one of the most common for release in the US in recent years, Korean films. This is the usual standard of fatalistic Oriental, but the sunniest of Hollywood. Beliebers be offended if their idol appeared in a drama of this story grim.The begins with a North Korean spy farewell to his boss in the south. The agent thought to go home, not knowing that the ruthless regime in Pyongyang It makes it possible to take home their employees. Rather, they are dead.

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It would be useful information for Myung-hoon, the son of the deceased. He is forced to accept a secret mission in the south, hoping to get the release of his sister to a labor camp. Myung-hoon played by Choi Seung-hyun, under the name K-rap “TOP” his career with the group Bigbang began. He is 26, but it is not out of place in a new environment with his character school.Discipline South Korean high school is lax; newcomer regularly threatened and soon protect Hye a nice classmate. She is an orphan and an aspiring dancer, which exposes them to, of all things, the criminal ballet. Hye-in has the same name as the sister Myung-hoon.

When he does not use his martial arts skills in school hallways and bathrooms, Myung-hoon has been used as a murderess to rent. The goals are not South Korea The film implies that a North Korean power struggle played south of the border, an ideological conflict that reduces the appointment of government. Myung-hoon works for Unit 8, enemies in Section 35. War bureaucratic rivalries. Spoiled brats secondary as the victim seems to be a murderess trained. A sister and a potential friend of the same name. One or all of these scenarios would merely an ironic wink, but “Commitment” never cracks a smile. It is as serious as a performance expressions Choi.

After ruled humor, the film emphasizes the action and melodrama. Director Park Hong-soo, on his debut, is in charge of the first game, but little style. Anyone hoping bloodshed baroque Korean directors Park Chan-wook film find competent, but docile.
The Board is dedicated to the tragic love story. If you collect some “excitement and surprises, at least not to bow to a happy ending. For fans of Choi,” commitment “would provide a good cry. Even if the script would have benefited from some laughs.

The charismatic young actors playing quietly Myung-hoon, who after his father is killed during a spy mission with her sister were sent to labor camps. It has a chance to save up to follow his contract with the footsteps of his father and immediately sent to Korea, where he assumed the role of a young student completes a fake family. I think that a class companion essay to happen the same name of his sister, he begins Myung-hoon protection against harassment by a criminal gang. But their burgeoning relationship is interrupted when the young spy threatened by the two intelligence services in South Korea and its repressive government, which will be sent assassins sent after the investigation began in his father’s death.

The intricate plot, where interactions Myung-hoon with a rogue gallery of double agents, shows more than a bit of confusion with the love story that gets little attention. But the head of the Hong-soo keeps the pace moving enough to make up for the holes in the plot quickly, and many of the fight sequences choreographed and edited for maximum impact.
Using a straight face in all that keeps us quite emotionally involved in his character, compensates Choi demonstrates proficient in action section, showing a physical flexible which makes it easy pimp sends many bad credible. So Download Commitment Full Movie Free HD Video for PC and Mobile.