Coming Home 1978 Full Movie

Coming Home 1978

Original Name: Coming Home 1978

Genre: Drama, Romance, War

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 7.4


Release Date: 15 February 1978


Download Coming Home 1978 Full Movie and it is a Hollywood Romance and War film which is directed by Hal Ashby. Home, an inspiration to reassess their priorities. Moral Luca begins to increase, and helps to tragedy hospital to focus their anger against large protests. After a visit to Hong Kong with her husband more and more withdrawn, Sally finds love and friendship with Lucas that he had never met her husband. When Bob the house back to its own disadvantage, however, must be all three ways to deal with a changing world and the system to find the men who fight for treason.

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And Sally Hyde ideal base for marine wife: They are loyal, friendly, and participate in a peaceful and quite agree with her husband’s fidelity. Since the primary loyalty is to the Navy, which sometimes shows difficulties. (“You know what they say,” says a friend. If the Marines wanted a wife, they would have issued a. “) It is absolutely convinced, in spring 1968, when her husband is preparing to send a tour of duty in Vietnam. Chances are that the promotion there. The war, of course, is for a good reason, right? Should be, or should not fight him. This is Sally Hyde begins Hal Ashby “coming home”, a film that moves unusual. Sally Hyde at the end of the film – one year later – another person, and loyalty confused, unsure of their religion, brought new feelings in her. Do not have any political or hippie or any of the other creatures that extremists of the 1960s developed an activist, but they are no longer able to accept something just because it would be her husband, or anyone else says is not true.

“Homecoming” and considered a number of issues, but his heart with this fundamental shift Sally Hyde. It is played by Jane Fonda, and this type of character that somehow you can not expect franc, Fonda played smart. It is reserved, maybe a little “timid, intelligence and taste of the media. Be inevitably cheerleader in high school. She does not seem to have a lot of ideas and opinions. Maybe to doubt that it was necessary for her to have opinions – pair may be for her. When her husband (Bruce Dern) will fight in the war, but it alone for the first time in his life. No house, no school, no marriage, no officer of the club monitor their behavior. She is out of the role of the woman and makes. Well, things are not strange, but it is a bit “unusual for her. Like buying a sports car that is used. How to rent a house on the beach. Offered to work on the local Veterans Administration hospitals. It will meet Lucas (Jon Voight), so full of pain, anger and frustration. Vaguely knew him from before, and was the commander of his football in high school.

Went to fight in the war, he returned paralyzed from waist down, and now, tied up and down on a table with wheels, and used batons to push aggressively into the corridors of the hospital. With the passage of time, and graduated from a wheelchair. Have ideas about Vietnam, which are slightly different from those of her husband. “Homecoming” is not flexible in its dealings with Lucas and his colleagues paraplegia, and if not, do the first set of the movie did not affect us deeply affected. Sally Lucas runs literally in their first meeting, and urine bag up and down the floor between them.

This is a bit of a shame that you have to learn to live with – and even if it is serious about being a volunteer. Is he says. Luke at the beginning is a troublemaker rages, and hospital staff often easier to calm him with medication. Zombies are almost no trouble at all. Sally tries to talk to Luke, and we know him, invited him to dinner. Begin to focus their anger away from themselves and against the war. Grows quieter, and become adults. One day, in a low voice, he says, “You know that an hour passes that I do not think love with you.

They make love in the end, his disability to a scene of great tenderness, beauty and touching faces. It is the first time that Sally was having an affair. But it’s not really a problem. Who is faithful to her husband, and she and Lucas disclose their relationship will end when her husband comes home. Make, very quickly, with sore from mistakes, and discovered in the military intelligence did his wife. The final scenes look at the film so uncertain, because it was Ashby and authors’ confidence in their minds how it reacts Dern character

Dern and forced into scenes blurred, confused and angry before the film is not very satisfactory end. It’s a shame that the last twenty minutes did not really work, because most of its length, “coming home” is a wonderful film and a wonderful achievement. And it is also very bold when faced with the relationship between Fonda and Voight with unusual candor – and with tenderness and emotional precision that is, if possible, even more difficult to photograph. Treatment. The film of the three difficult to cope in this report, and manages three exhibition. So Download Coming Home 1978 Full Movie Free HD Video for PC and Mac.