Colors Full Movie


Original Name: Colors

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama, Romance, Thriller

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 6.7


Release Date: 29 April 1988


Download Colors Full Movie and it is a Hollywood Crime and Action film of 1988 which is directed by Dennis Hopper. There are many good moments in “Colors”, but I remember as long scene where a group of gang members in Los Angeles trying to explain why the band is so important to them. To speak with a few agents, describes the feeling of belonging – to feel for the first time in his life, which is part of a “family” who took care of them and was willing to die before them. The product family is obviously tragic. His drug trafficking gangs, defending his territory and murder to impose his authority. Sometimes innocent people are killed in the middle of a party or standing in its own grounds. Since the bands represent much of it survives a bit of authority and structure in their neighborhoods, helping to set the tone for a segment of society – a tone of despair, hopelessness and wanton gestures, was sentenced great.

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Because there are so many bands, so well entrenched, the police are all but did not make any significant change in the situation. This impotence in the police is the central theme of Dennis Hopper’s “Colors”, starring Sean Penn and Robert Duvall as two police officers, a new bandwidth allocation unit, a veteran. But what makes “Colours” special is not the portrait of the police, but the will of the movie watching bands. Almost without exception, American movies about gangs that have or idealized fantasies (“West Side Story”, “The Warriors”), or see them from the outside as a monolithic entity dangerous.

This film tries to understand a little ‘the dynamics tragic band explain why in some neighborhoods downtown that seems to offer the only way for young people to find the power and devastated. The story of two policemen, however, is not really new. We have veteran villain (Duvall), who has a realistic assessment of the situation and know that sometimes you have to bend the rules to get results. And then there are impulsive younger officers (Penn), which has a simplified us versus them mentality and desire to bust heads and arrests. Which leads to scenes where the police are dangerously close to losing his authority on the streets because they fight with each other instead of presenting a united front band.

If the situation is not new, it is solved by the procedure. Duvall and Penn are two of the best actors in America, bringing a taste and authority for his roles makes them special. A large part of his performance in this film is purely physical, as when Penn disarm, friezes and handcuffing a suspect, secure and always felt safe. Other times, when the two players are talking to each other, to the electricity that makes you think that these words are uttered for the first time. The plot involves tests of two policemen in an agreement with a group to get involved, we discovered drug therapy.

And there’s a short and tragic love story between Penn and Maria Conchita Alonso, who Chicano who love him, but his status as a police officer and their perception of how the police, as Penn treats his people not to join. The film has some shortcomings. The story is unnecessarily complicated, and sometimes we are not sure about gangs. And some of the measures seem repetitive; Hopper, in an attempt to demonstrate the routine, you feel routine. However, the “Colors” a movie special – not just a thriller, but a film that has studied the tapes and thought about what you want to say about them.

Colors with Robert Duvall and Sean Penn as a partner in the distribution of criminal gangs in the LAPD. Duvall had hoped to spend more time with his family, but he withdrew in active service as a result of the passage of group activities. He does not hide his contempt for fellow rookie Penn, but eventually will trust the young man on the road as a valuable contact. The crisis center is the struggle to give power “Crips” and “Bloods” with utmost to prevent a ceasefire with the same band and improper police action. During the film follows the short life span of the younger brother of one of the band members, it seems a while “to pass up the opportunity for the company to gangs. So Download Colors Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.