Code of Silence Full Movie

Code of Silence

Original Name: Code of Silence

Genre: Action, Crime, Drama

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 5.9


Release Date: 3 May 1985 (USA)


Download Code of Silence Full Movie and it is a Hollywood Action, Crime, Drama film of 1985 which is directed by Andrew Davis. Ads “silence” up schlocky, and still identified Chuck Norris with a series of epic poems degree karate thing, but this is a film with a high resistance – slick, energetic and film with good performance and a lot of real human interest. Takes you from the beginning with a cross triple complexes, and then a movie with stunts that the urban agenda. As exciting? How is the battle unfaked on top of a moving train high, and ends at every dive fighters on the train in Chicago River?

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Amazing stunts, but was not a surprise. Chuck Norris is also famous stunts in his films. Surprisingly, the amount of in the “law of silence”. Scenario does not give us the usual clichés of cardboard. A big part of life here in a of carefully crafted. For once, this is a movie that understands that we must treat the signs before they worry about his adventures. Chuck Norris plays a veteran Chicago police appointed Deputy Kozak.

It is part of a series, which is an honest cop and his colleagues called for “an army of one man.” Like the movie, which opens to create a drug raid, but the gang Latin beats him to steal money and drugs and leave the room full of dead gangster. Starting Mafia wars between factions Chicago Italian, Latin, and also accumulate corpses in the streets, and begins Kozak worry about the daughter of his boss Mafia – a young artist named Diana (Molly Hagan), who do not want to have anything to do with the company of his father, but could not find the public.

After a long cat-and-mouse chase through the loop and the kidnapping and Kozak wants to save her. At the same time, the film has an interesting sub-plot to the attention of veteran cop tired (Ralph Foody) who accidentally shot Latino boy while chasing some gangsters from the residence. Note young couple veterans (Joseph Guzaldo) planting a gun on the dead child and claim that the shooting was in self-defense. E “for beginners, supported by Kozak, to decide what to say in the hearing department. The film has the ability to create scenes that require routine.

Between a small jewelry exhibition in the film is the performance of the Representative Nathan Felix Scalese, wrinkles, old and wise mafia godfather who sits on his yacht in Harbor, and recommended Mafia Wars Davis – to no avail. Mike Genovese mob boss plays his daughter and kidnapped, and his first scene, when he Holiday Happy Birthday wishes his wife when she walked out the door before the battle, is a wonderful timing. Foody has some nice scenes, like a tired old police hanging around bars big word and save the look.

Any interpretations or functions occur together is a tribute to the work of Norris Kozak. Bearded, wearing jeans and street confidentiality and leads the ailing old striker, seems Norris convincing police – with, of course, the degree of exaggeration in need of heroic role as yours. At the end of the film, when it comes to the work of an army of one man, and we really can not believe that the robot, which leads to action tank, but what the hell, we accept it. Norris seemed Clint Eastwood in his insistence on a minimum of dialogue, it is the place for her daughter, who tries awkwardly quiet comfort of the bands, and it looks real.

It also seems to make a lot of serious self-movements, although the list of credits, many specialists and are kept busy and loud, and I think it’s really Norris on top of the train L. The film is directed by Andy Davis, former Chicago cinematographer Haskell Wexler Chicago in the 1968 film “Medium Cool”, and returned some of the same places uptown to open this dialog box. (See extent of the film.) The debut directorial debut was produced locally Davis, a low-budget “Stony Island” (1977), who has had moments of truth and knowledge, but nothing like the certainty that this time shows, the “law of silence” is a professional movie so have the confidence to go for drama and humor, and emotion.

It may be the film that Norris moves outside the ranks of heroes reliable operation and become a big star. Not to be confused with the 1960 film of the same name, this action movie star Chuck Norris Karate fast paced, still riding high on the 80S Iqbal karate, and many years after the start of the popular Walker them: Texas guard series television. In this story Eddie Cusack plays a painfully honest sergeant loses only removes drug bust – came apparently from another band before, and ended the contest and won a fortune in a white powder.

One wrong move – and it means nothing a war between rival gangs, and the police caught. Kozak has other problems, and one of his associates were killed innocent bystanders during the raid and have a duty to stifle any coverage. With enemies on both sides of the law, you have something with the drug cartel different rifles, machine guns, rifles, pistols, mechanism, artillery and missiles of various elements to help you take. Chuck Norris is back in action and this time it’s in HD! This is the right of the people, the star of the International Labour is the key to this movie kicks ass more than you can shake a mule. So Download Code of Silence Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.