Cobra Full Movie


Original Name: Cobra

Genre: Action, Crime, Horror, Thriller

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 5.6


Release Date: 23 May 1986


Download Cobra Full Movie and it is a Hollywood Action and Crime film of 1986 which is directed by George P. Cosmatos. A gang of neo-fascist thugs, led by self-proclaimed pause “Night Slasher” in homes and cars of the people, then the random murder. When these thugs as a supermarket and hostage-taking, Lieutenant Mariano Cobretti – A police intense, take-no-prisoners, came to the scene to end the hostage. Bizarre ranting about a level “New World” man with a sawed-off shotgun in Cobretti, beat him with a knife, you pull guns when one refuses to leave his weapon. Later in the evening, another murder happens, the slasher night – and the next day another. This is shown by a young woman, Ingrid Knutsen.

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She runs away before the thieves could kill her, but it’s not long before some scary looking people start making attempts on his life – and Cobretti. Cobretti will move the only witness spree upstate blood, but insiders, criminals track. And a fight for survival rages between Cobretti and bullies. ” The Cobra ” movie by Sylvester Stallone in a tough cop from the big city, which is specialized in research – and exhaust – Psycho Killer, is a disturbing film from many points of view: the change through violence it portrays, ideas, represents and the large number of people really going to go see him and cheer their hero dangerous.

The movie is listed on the same technology used books that attack pornography printing examples of dirty pictures. ” The Cobra ” which opened yesterday at RKO Warner, claiming to be against violence in a society in decline, but in reality it is the apotheosis of violence. Picture Rambo Dressed in Los Angeles this time, and is surrounded by tall buildings, instead of tall grass. He is in an urban jungle and the enemy is not only a Stockily built homegrown psychopaths who want a new world where the weak are killed and the strong will survive long build links Vietnamese.

Not satisfied with the pace of development, the killers decides to intervene. They drive around in vans and cut courage someone just learning. The new hero named Marion Cobretti – also known as Cobra – defender of the weak and the film would have us believe, the American way. Cobra is called to stop the killers. His methods are unconventional. The weak, the liberals and the media hate it. Even his police tolerate it reluctantly. But he does not care. Still an army of one man, alone and defeat the enemy and make the world safe again. But surely what? Definitely not for democracy.

In fact, this film is how contempt for the most basic American values expressed in the concept of fair trial, that Mr. Stallone’s not even nominally an ideology that the United States acknowledged. In one scene pouring gasoline on his cobra enemy. ” You have the right to remain silent, ” laughs scornfully throws just before the game to put the enemy on fire. Later archenemy, a character who is a cross between James Bond villain imagination as sharks and a raging psychopath, gives a burning monologue – a feat of linguistic finesse Cobra a bad game, and would. The murderess is legal niceties police need to try to stop the prisoners to court to be tried as an idiot. ” The courts are civilians, ” the bad guy says sarcastically. ” I’m not civilized, “replies the Cobra, get right to the point. ” This is where the law stops and I start. ”

The point is, and has been repeated several times, is that the good can not win if they have to play by the rules. Not satisfied only represent those ideas, as it did in ” Rambo ” Mr. Stallone actually trying to express – albeit raw. ” We put aside and the judges let them, “says Ingrid, a model that is being chased by the killer and is under the protection of the cobra. ” It hurts,” he says. ” Tell the court, “he says – a nugget of advice for his fans.

A quick picture of office Cobra reveals a huge portrait of President Reagan on your wall. This contact probably meant associations between Cobra and the president about it, but not the other. The only places where the offices are routinely exaggerated portrait of the government are the countries of Eastern Europe or the communist dictatorships in other parts of the world – the types of countries where government officials scoff at the idea of everyone deserves a fair trial – as a cobra. So Download Cobra Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.