Cinderella 1981 Full Movie

Cinderella 1981

Original Name: Cinderella

Genre: Comedy, Music, Romance

Language: Italian

IMDB Rating: 7.6


Release Date: 12 December 1982 (Italy)


Download Cinderella 1981 Full Movie and it is a Hollywood Comedy and Romantic film of 1981 which is directed by Jean-Pierre Ponnelle. In the distant, long ago kingdom, Cinderella lives happily with his mother and father until her mother dies. Married and the father of Cinderella and cruel treatment, and her two daughters, Anastasia and Drizella cold woman. When the father and the wife dies Cinderella’s father makes a virtual server in the home. Meanwhile, across town in the castle, the king decides that his son prince to find a suitable bride and a number of grandchildren. Therefore urge the king to all qualified in the masked ball girl, where the child will be able to choose his bride.

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Next thing you know, David, is recovering in a hospital in London during the tender of sexy nurse named Alex Price care (Jenny Agutter) and my Dr. Hirsch (John Woodvine). Despite a series of nightmares annoying, David seems to recover – until it receives a disturbing visit a friend your zombie, Jack, who is him, he has become one of the dead, and the journey of David, the night of the next full moon from the curse of lycanthropy gallery and become a werewolf. From the early 80’s werewolves three cinematics shifts An American Werewolf in London is the most effective, defeat howling in the nose (The Wolf is also on the board).

There are many similarities, there should not be a surprise since both coached Rick Baker makeup extraordinary man (who was also responsible for editing Jack Nicholson from man to monster and the Wolf). Baker, who works with tools, “old fashioned”, and prosthetic makeup, and creates a series of images that are not memorable and lasting. Baker won an Oscar for his work on An American Werewolf in London, where he studied in a number of aspects of minor flaws evident in howling. Landis has many elements of fun movie. From the beginning we have a sequence of friends catching Jack and David, a kind of witty dialogue.

A love story between David and Alex sweet without being sticky, and part of the reason is typhoid David to defeat the curse. Also, as always interferes with the work of Landis, many of the jokes and references. Frank Oz has triple veil – both as himself and as Kermit and Miss Piggy. Landis gave the usual reference “See you next Wednesday”, as the title of the tradition of porn movies. There are many car accident reminds vehicles chaos in the Blues Brothers. Landis also have some fun “with the soundtrack – every word” moon “songs popular in the title, such as” Blue Moon “,” Bad Moon Rising “and” Moondance “.

Of course there is blood – and in abundance, so that An American Werewolf in London, which is doubtful of entertainment source for the squeamish. The fact that the sequence of treatment change in itself sufficient to disrupt sensitive viewers (although not the first to start a film of 97 minutes for the first two thirds of the film is relatively small with the exception of some performance Jack, who looks like a ” meatloaf walk “). With An American Werewolf in London, Landis can not afford to be careless with blood and guts. He worked in the era of slasher movie, if there is something inside had kind of horror to rejection or the box office to see hideous.

One of the reasons why the film is so effective is that from the beginning, and public involvement in the physical sense of abandonment, ultimately, psychological and spiritual. After participating in this truth in this way, the not mean it should not be increased. Petri South Bronx is a nightmare in urban areas, contemporary vision of America’s World War II Hamburg (Hamburg or Dresden or Hiroshima or Manila), and is not destroyed by bombing and artillery, war or nuclear bomb, but by what is known as a metaphor Urban Decay decades , social closure and change patterns of the population.

The heart of this community is the 41 Precinct station house, which also puts the new president of the station officer, and there is room in the house, but powerful in hostile territory. “Hat Elders and the sun itself, gossip and playing cards, comforted by the presence of the immediate collection of the bill later in the day. Outside a police station, there is a mess – trafficking in drugs and prostitution, murder and robbery and discontent on an epic scale. The film begins almost casually: Madrugada.

There is a deserted road. Two rookie police officer sitting in his patrol near the end of his shift. Long black prostitute named Charlotte, with blond hair wig and high heels, the car lurched. It can reject the proposal is in a good mood. Ride. I propose to return to their homes. They assume pause seductive, leaning on the driver’s side. When you talk a little ‘more, Charlotte, still laughing, gun and shoot people went from close range. The mystery of the death of two young people is just one of the everyday problems that Murphy (Paul Newman), a veteran cop and his partner, young, Corelli administrator (Ken Wahl) face in the line of duty.

Cinderella has no real party dress for the ball, but her friends the mice, lead by Jack and Gus, and birds lend a hand to make your unique dress for girls couples evil mother destroyed immediately except for the evening ball. At this point, enter the Fairy Godmother, the pumpkin carriage, the royal ball, midnight, the glass slipper, and the rest, as they say, is history novel. So Download Cinderella 1981 Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.