Chinese Puzzle Full Movie

Chinese Puzzle

Original Name: Casse-tête chinois

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance

Language: French, English, Spanish, Chinese, Yiddish

IMDB Rating: 7.0

Country: , ,

Release Date: 16 May 2014


Download Chinese Puzzle Full Movie and it is a Hollywood Comedy and Drama film of 2014 which is directed by Cédric Klapisch. Sure love life worth making films about complicated. But listen to someone who constantly admire the blows of their links can quickly get annoying. The same goes for “Chinese Puzzle” Cédric Klapisch a story of struggle reasonably diverting pretty average age could not fail to notice the unexpected is all.

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The third part of what is now a series of “Chinese Puzzle” is called a variety of attractions Europeans who met at school in Barcelona and met at a wedding in St. Petersburg. Viewing activity in these characters through the eyes of a French writer easily distracted, Xavier, films rightly described as “Truffaut Lite”, a reference to the film series that followed the fictional Antoine Doinel from adolescence to 30 years.

But in the “Chinese Puzzle”, which is about parenting, divorce, and the temptation to reunite with old friends, it is apparent that a more appropriate comparison is the “First …” trio Richard Linklater Series film whose opinion on these themes do it is not just a little Klapisch but steam. Disposable also unlike Linklater film, which evolved into a showcase for two star players otherwise employed unworthy of the most interesting work in the films of others.

This time we learn that Xavier is married with his girlfriend English, Wendy, and father of two sons. Occasionally created a third party, such as a sperm donor for her lesbian friend Isabelle, Wendy leaves him, he moved to New York to live with a wealthy man she met on a business trip.

You can not carry away from their children, continues Xavier. Convenient, Isabelle and her partner Ju, is already there, and help you find an apartment in Chinatown. But you have to help a US citizen who claim no legal authority is needed on the lives of their children, a problem that the script quickly resolved: When you save the life of a taxi driver, Xavier knows a driver family Chinese-American who is very thankful that she goes agreed to participate in an arranged marriage.

The subplots radiate from here, and Klapisch has little interest in cutting: Some have promise in scenes with an official of the Immigration Service, shows Li a fight bravely express a desire for more of this farce, but others, like the new job as Xavier bike messenger who provides a scene or two schools and is quickly forgotten.

About half of the way, the movie begins by pointing to its real purpose, a meeting between Javier and Martine, broke his girlfriend in “espagnole”. Count the latest Michel Gondry “Mood Indigo”, this is the fourth movie pairing with Tautou Duris and Klapisch behave as if you can take for granted chemistry. The scenes where Martine and her children visited Xavier and his descendants are underdeveloped, do not make us enjoy the inevitable upturn in its appeal. The script creates a number of problems in giving Xavier provocative about the dawn of a problem “overheated”, but closed them and acts like a garden variety rom com quickly.

As in previous films, “Chinese Puzzle” gives a hint of malice technology without really challenging the viewer; is more conventional than the first two, although its probability less pleasant photograph of a traditional love story in Hollywood. And despite a couple of times for the intelligent use of the history of the characters, although a small farce Martine need to pretend to do the Spanish, most references to the past feels like dreams. The spectators who come to this film without having seen the others would have had no problems after surgery; when trade is another matter.

Gore Vidal was a novelist, screenwriter, political gadfly, playwright, white, passionate social commentator, actor, bon vivant, and perhaps the most profound and prophetic American essayist of the last half century. He is not well served by this small tribute film produced by his cousin, the director Burr Steers. It is full of events and references long since lost its context and thus the importance of Contrarianism fear Vidal. His sincerity gay erotica 1948 bestseller “The pillar of salt” so scared guardian of culture in the New York Times that his important book critics refused to review something Vidal published for 20 years. The film is quite heresy by the young author is no basis in the historical moment when homosexuality was banished to the fringes of society.

Mixing archive footage of interviews shortly before his death, aged 86, the film is like a suitcase filled. Got his first richness and emotional neglect, and his acquaintance with politics as one side of the FDR era for the beloved grandfather, a senator isolationist. Average years of Vidal is a whirlwind of celebrity hobnobbing and public feuds. Cartoons of the film shows how reduced later-in-life, literally a museum piece grumpy wheels for public appearances. Asked at the end of the film is the hope that his legacy will be, he replied: “I could not care less” stubborn to the last. For those who meet for the first time in this movie really share the sentiment. So Download Chinese Puzzle Full Movie Free HD Video for PC and Mac.