Caligula 1979 Full Movie

Caligula 1979

Original Name: Caligula 1979

Genre: Adult (18+), Drama, History

Language: Italian and English

IMDB Rating: 5.2

Country: ,

Release Date: 15 February 1980

Director: ,

Download Caligula 1979 Full Movie and it is a Hollywood Drama and History film which is directed by Tinto Brass and Bob Guccione. “Caligula” is a disgusting waste useless embarrassing. If this was not the worst movie I’ve ever seen, which makes it more embarrassing: Can talented participate in this farce. Outraged is beyond description and depression, and I left the film after two hours of length 170 minutes. This was a Saturday night, as a line of hundreds of people stretched Lincoln Ave, waiting to pay $ 7.50 each to become witnesses of shame.

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I want to tell you what I mean? What I am saying now. This film is not only at the technical level of waste, but also on the level of oil and al-Qaeda really where we expect to find the usual waste. “Caligula” is not great art, it is not good cinema and porn is not good. I’ve never had anything against eroticism in the film. The X-rated movies I had sensual fantasies of “Emmanuel” silly comic-ups from Ross Mayer.

I think the crowd queuing for access to the Davis Theatre expecting some kind of erotic experience. I doubt that they spend $ 15 for a couple for a lesson on the history of ancient Rome. All I can say is that the creators of “Caligula” long ago lost touch with the option of a common denominator exciting and suggest that the content of the movie people food, harmful and cruel treatment. In two hours in this film that I saw, there were scenes of joy, and of course, fun, or good sensual mood. It was rather a lucky nausea Qaeda and illusions sad.

You may have heard that a violent film. But who could have imagined the extent of violence and how vile purpose, really? In this film, there are scenes depicting a man closes the urinary tract, and a liter of wine in the throat. He aimed his stomach explodes sword. There is a scene where a man and genitals neutered dogs, eating voraciously on the screen. There are scenes of beheadings, courage, rape, bestiality, sadomasochism, necrophilia. These scenes – in fact, the film itself – separated strange for allergies. No one in this movie seems really be. No known actors like Malcolm McDowell and (very briefly) Peter O’Toole and John Gielgud, complemented by more then shot porn with others, and gave the scenes to do things.

Not the film has been removed credit direction. It is not writer What in the world can say that this film is “taken from the original by Gore Vidal scenario? And even the soundtrack. Actors seem to speak words of their own, they are strongly bent forward in the dialogue does not seem to get out of the drama itself. The movie has not yet been involved in the work. “Caligula” was filmed and directed with such clumsiness and lack of elegance elements that do not seem to blend together in the work, and the plot is often framed events incomprehensible as if the camera was not sure where he was, and even though it increases the toner underlit,, poor prison muddy. Music is also terrible.

What remains? Film, I fear, may be at risk for such a review. No doubt people who believe that if this film is very bad when I say it’ll be worth it. People simply film can be this vile do not believe. And did some of these people from Davis before Saturday. Others sat in the lobby. Should not, in my opinion, it’s amazing. The man is the most exotic animals. Often eager to ensure to their liking, but are often reluctant to trust their instincts better. Sure people know, go to “Caligula” is useless. Surely they know that the other movies in the city, which is much better. But I’m here in “Caligula”. It is very sad.

My advice is friendly “Great Santini” to ensure that refresh your mind and learn to laugh again and concentrate on the film. People learn quickly. “This film,” said the lady in front of me in the Fountain “is the worst disaster I’ve ever seen.” This story was a great luxury budgets just the culmination of the Italian walks, the essence of historical results Gore / porn. The actors are excellent, and perhaps attracted the participation of manufacturers of high-level Bob Guccione and writer Gore Vidal, featuring figures such as John Gielgud, Peter O’Toole and Helen Mirren.

Tinto Brass boss who treats similar from Nazi Germany in Salon Kitty won the job, I did everything with the giant, but felt many of the problems of production and re-releases in the final product. When Caligula works best, it works with Malcolm McDowell, as Image title emperor crazy is the embodiment of evil Corruption. McDowell raise the performance level of an extraordinary scene around them, which led to accusations of match artificiality, but there are times when it is absolutely amazing. Some agencies did not go so well, that makes the ordinary especially O’Toole Tiberias movie. So Download Caligula 1979 Full Movie Free HD Video for PC and Mobile.