Brother Full Movie


Original Name: Hermano

Genre: Drama, Family, Sport

Language: Spanish

IMDB Rating: 7.5


Release Date: 2 July 2010


Download Brother Full Movie and it is 2010 Hollywood Sport film directed by Marcel Rasquin. He grew up brothers and sisters, colleagues and strong competitors for calcium hall the crew, the swashbuckling Julio and more organized and focused, Daniel remained Jack is an integrated than ever, and the baby Daniel found in his account of a range of waste in a poor neighborhood in not Ceniza. To have access to their lives, with regard to football scout invites them to the test team to peak professional work in the city, as well as tennis session tragic violence threatens to separate them and prevent the realization of your dreams. The Original name of this movie is Hermano.

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Stories about male teens growth occurring in poor areas tend to follow the path of thesame: Trust in connection with the system from a distant shot of the dream, the tragedy may or may not buy from happening. The important thing in the film behind the arrival of Brother Venezuela right to enter the 2011’s Oscar best foreign film, and the complexity of Colima sent as a whole, it can be very predictable, but how skillfully elevates mood and the amount of the depth of his characters are more complex than their ambitions castle in song.

Although it is rare to see someone Venezuelan film hot Circle project small note festival, and the worst thing is the effect that can be said about Brother is your vision of a poor neighborhood in Caracas is unlike any city, in particular, or to obtain access to their heroes seem specific country. General media was universal. Emotional conflict begins with the introduction of the single choice or slums place only ashes a baby crying in a landfill. Sixteen difficult years, the child has grown to Fernando Moreno, the power forward in the local football team.

Along with his brother Eli Armas, is a strong player attention centerline infrastructure professional scouts. But only Eve followed by placing the football clubs Caracas, Moreno attacked by shoes, he considered his colleague gang members and stunning direction terrible accidentally shoots his mother how to obtain compensation for these small crimes. Arms, tilt, and said he wanted justice for the death of his mother, but Moreno does not know who did it, but to witness the resumption of close cooperation on the surface.

Moreno keep these instructions from his older brother, the plot brother without assistance. And comes with a limited time to consider the fact that any further restrictions on the most. But his private theater for the dissemination of the importance of football, his goal in the last minute to increase the predictability and miraculous transformations. Goals in soccer registration is an option. Brother earn points very easily.

Venezuelan director Marcel brother Rasquin deliberate melodrama is intelligent, loyal and equally artificial. Things start to get slightly nauseous: Towards a birthday together between his mother, Graciela, Julio teen hears the cry of a newborn baby from a container. The camera stops the unnecessary these do not show a moving Orphan uncomfortable, but the pressure on the button unimaginative type of film can not be manufactured or framing scenario, and provides easy drama to the cost of risk.