Boyz n the Hood Full Movie

Boyz n the Hood

Original Name: Boyz n the Hood

Genre: Crime, Drama

Language: English

IMDB Rating: 7.8


Release Date: 12 July 1991


Download Boyz n the Hood Full Movie and it is 1991 Hollywood Crime and Drama film directed by John Singleton. The story starts out in 1984 where we meet Tre. He is a smart young boy who is obviously influenced by the hood that he lives in as well. His mother, played by Angela Basset, decides to send Tre to live with his father in a nicer part of the hood.

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Tre’s father is played by Laurence Fishburne, who, as if he is not cool enough already, is given the name Furious Styles. Furious wants to be a strong father figure for his son, and goes about doing his best to give him important life lessons and understand right from wrong in different aspects.

The movie doesn’t as much follow a three-act structure as it does give us a look at the lives of these three main characters and the area they have to grow up in.

The coming of age aspects involve Tre’s struggle with his virginity, Ricky wanting to achieve an academic scholarship, while Dough Boy lazes around the neighborhood. You still also have Furious imparting as much knowledge as he can to his son.

There are of course a number of themes related to the hood as well. Issues involving what the outside world thinks, gentrification, and the seemingly endless gang violence that occurs. The movie doesn’t as much try to throw these things into your face as it does give you a look at these problems.

The performances are very good. Of course Fishburne and Basset shine, but Gooding and Cube, who broke out from these roles are very good. Chestnut is too, despite not gaining as much notoriety.

Singleton’s direction is very strong, and for a debut feature he definetely knows what he is doing. A scene early on involving a burglar, certain scenes in the hood, and others involving Furious have different tones but all work together nicely in this film.

Written and based off some of his own personal experiences, the story has a very authentic feel, as does much of the dialog, while still holding the coming of age structure. So Download Boyz n the Hood Free Full Movie HD Video for PC and Mac.